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Stylish headphones and colorful music gadgets for the fashion-conscious audophile

This year, fashion is at the top of tech lovers’ wish lists. As wearable technology continues to gain popularity, and stylish fitness trackers and gilded smartwatches become more a part of our everyday lives, consumers are starting to expect all tech gadgets to take a fashionable and stylish leap forward. According to a 2014 eBay fashion survey, 80 percent of consumers believe that technology will seamlessly integrate with fashion trends in the future.

And we believe that attention to style and design is something that not only applies to wearables, but all forms of tech gadgets, especially top-of-the-line audiophile equipment. Now, music fans have the chance to add a pop of color to their music listening experience. Sony recently added some exciting new additions to its fashion-conscious h.ear lineup, including the stylish h.ear in Wireless Headphones, the h.ear on Wireless NC headphones and the h.ear go Wireless Speaker. Get ready to turn some heads because everything in the h.ear range will be available in five gorgeous vibrant colors (Viridian Blue, Cinnabar Red, Charcoal Black, Lime Yellow or Bordeaux Pink). 

With this colorful range of stylish headphones and gadgets, you don’t have to sacrifice style for excellent sound quality. It’s a great example of fashion and functionality coming together.

Stylish Headphones and Speakers for Audiophiles

h.ear in Wireless Headphones

Who needs accessories when you’ve got these delicate headphones to spice up your outfit? For those who like to get a little bit more daring with their fashion, the stylish h.ear in Wireless Headphones are a great choice. Their unique behind-the-neck structure ensures you’ll never have to worry about your ears overheating or getting your hair mussed up.  

And these stylish headphones have a lot more to offer than just a pretty exterior. They’re High-Resolution Audio capable, which means you’ll finally get to give the music you love the sound quality it deserves. Try listening to Weezer’s newly released “White Album” to put that sound quality to the test. Those sweet harmonies and chord progressions in “(Girl We Got A) Good Thing” have a Beach Boys-like quality that comes through loud and clear in this high-res track. 

Since the h.ear in Wireless headphones are a bold fashion statement all on their own, it’s best to pair them with a neutral ensemble. Their vibrant color would contrast nicely with a simple gray sweater, a sleek black blazer or a cream-colored blouse. One thing’s for certain — these eye-catching headphones will definitely add some aesthetic groove to your wardrobe. 

h.ear on Wireless NC Headphones 

If you live in an urban environment, it’s likely that you use your headphones all the time. You probably pull them out when you’re traveling on the bus or walking down the street to your next destination. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re on the move in a crowded area is getting your headphones wires tangled up. 

The h.ear on Wireless NC Headphones are stylish, colorful, comfortable and — best of all — free from the restraints of a headphone cable, so you won’t have to worry about getting your wires in a jumble. 

And, of course, the audio quality is top-notch. The 1.57-inch High-Resolution compatible HD driver unit reproduces frequencies up to 40 kHz and delivers powerful, authentic sound. We recommend listening to 19-year-old British singer Birdy’s new album, “Beautiful Lies,” to test the waters. The high-res version does justice to her painfully pure, soulful voice in beautiful piano ballads like “Shadow” and “Deep End.” 

These headband-style Bluetooth wireless headphones also come equipped with digital noise-canceling technology and a 20-hour battery life, so you can shut out any distractions on your commute home from work without having to recharge. 

The stylish headphones have a bold, distinctive design that will have others looking your way. They’re versatile in style and will pair well with any outfit you put together, whether you’re sporting casual street wear or formal work attire. Choose the perfect color that best fits your personal style and wardrobe. 

h.ear go Wireless Speaker 

It’s been described as the world’s smallest High-Res Audio wireless speaker. The h.ear go is a sleek multi-room portable speaker that features a 35mm-diameter, full-range speaker unit and dual passive radiators at the front and the back, allowing this tiny speaker to pump out surprisingly full sound and incredible-sounding bass for its small size. Impress all your friends by bringing this compact, lightweight speaker along to your next get-together. Make sure to take full advantage of what this stylish speaker has to offer and play some heavy-bass tunes to get the party going. We recommend adding Zedd’s “True Colors” album to the party playlist. The throbbing bass, soaring synth sound and crystal clear vocals in high-res tracks like “Addicted To A Memory” and “Straight Into The Fire” come through in perfect clarity.

This stylish speaker’s punchy color range and stunning sound will bring in plenty of compliments, and your friends will be thanking you for supplying the soundtrack of the night. 

Splash Some Color and Style Into Your World of Music

High-end audio equipment doesn’t always have to look so serious. Audiophile headphones and speakers can be just as stylish and fashionable as any piece of jewelry or accessory you’d throw on to complement an outfit. Your music gadgets should be a reflection of your personal image. It’s all about customization, details and design. These stylish headphones and colorful audio gadgets offer the best of high-fidelity audio reproduction along with fashionable, fun and elegant form. 

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