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Smart Tennis Sensor lets you improve your game based on hard science. Analyse each shot and rediscover your tennis experience.


Smart Tennis Sensor for Tennis Rackets


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New features


Check worldwide shot data and improve your game

Compare your shot data with Smart Tennis Sensor users from all over the world, and set your target to improve your game through lesson videos.


Share your tennis videos

Learn how to edit and share your live Mode Videos with PlayMemories Home on a PC.

So simple yet so smart

Put Smart Tennis Sensor on your racket and let the built-in motion and vibration sensors analyse each stroke. Results are beamed through Bluetooth(R) connection to your smartphone so you can see them right away.

ITF Approved

International Tennis Federation (ITF) approved

Smart Tennis Sensor is approved by the ITF for use in a tournament.

Wilson®, HEAD®, prince®, YONEX®

Ready for your racket

The list of compatible rackets keeps growing

Just remove the logo cap on the grip end of the racket and affix Smart Tennis Sensor in its place. Check whether your racket is supported.

Find the latest information on Facebook

Visit our official Facebook page and discover the latest news, events and tournaments were Smart Tennis Sensor is making an appearance.

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Play Data

Visualise your game

Details of every shot you make are memorised by Smart Tennis Sensor and can be displayed on your smartphone screen as they happen.

Live Mode on Android app screen shot

Watch your play data in real-time

Live mode

By attaching the Smart Tennis Sensor to your racket, all your shot data are recorded and can be displayed in real-time on your smartphone via Bluetooth. Through the app screen, you can check the swing (shot) type, ball speed, swing speed, ball spin, ball impact spot and other data for every shot.

Look back at your play analysis results

Play Report

All recorded data are stored on your smartphone and sorted by shot type. Play reports are automatically created so that you can look back and analyse your tennis game. From the more detailed screen, you can view your play data over time.

Reports on Android app screen shot
Worldwide stats and lesson videos

Worldwide stats and lesson videos

Compare your shot data with tennis players from all over the world. Watch lesson videos that incorporate various players' shot data and use them to enhance your practice.

Record your play data together with video

Live Mode Video

The Live mode video function records each shot data together with actual video footage. This allows you to closely look at your shot data after you are done playing. In addition, you can learn a lot about improving your tennis by watching your form and shot placement in relation to your shot data.

Live mode video on Android app screen shot

Look back at your tennis play with both data and video

Playing Live Mode Videos

For data and video recorded using the Live mode video function, data for each shot can be played back in sync with the corresponding video. Various playback features are available: Video playback skip through to view different shots, shot replay, combined view of all shots for particular types of swing, etc.

Get more action out of Live mode

Attractive playback modes are available on the Smart Tennis Sensor app

Slow it down to see what you’ve been missing

Slow Motion

Now with the capability to view slow motion playback, it’s possible to observe the moment of impact and check your swing or footwork. Slow motion makes detailed movement visible even on your smartphone screen.

Take cool consecutive shots of the action

Motion Shot

Smart Tennis Sensor can work in tandem with the Motion Shot app by Sony, enabling you to take a visually appealing sequence photograph of your game play. Look like you’ve jumped out of a tennis magazine, and feel like a star.

Motion shot on Android app screen shot
Motion Shot app

About the Motion Shot app

Motion Shot is an app that captures movement and automatically renders it into a single still image so that it appears to be a sequence photograph. To enjoy this function, download and install the free app onto your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Watch Compatible

Check your shot data in real-time on the court

SmartWatch Compatible

The Smart Tennis Sensor app can work with SmartWatch (Android Wear ready). You can watch the data of each stroke on the watch screen with vibration feedback. Objectively analyse your shots and improve your game as you play.

Smart Tennis Sensor use without a smartphone

Memory Mode

You forgot your smartphone? Don’t worry, the Smart Tennis Sensor can work alone. Simply turn on the power of the sensor before starting your play and the data of up to 12,000 shots will be stored in the internal memory of the sensor. After you are done playing, connect the sensor with your smartphone to import the data into the app. A play report will then be automatically generated. Also, in Memory Mode, the battery of the sensor will last longer compared to Live Mode because a smartphone is not connected.

Set goals and track your improvement

Improvement Chart

The Improvement Chart enables you to keep track of your progress at a glance. Set specific goals for each type of shot, and make your practice sessions more effective.

Share your play

Share your play

Let Smart Tennis Sensor show off your skill, by showcasing your shot metrics with photos.

Share your data with photos

Photo Share

Sharing your results with tennis buddies can boost your motivation, your morale, and lead to new discoveries. Communicate your tennis in a whole new way with photos and stats.

Share on Android app screen shot

Share this moment for everyone to remember

Share on SNS

You can share your play results with your family and friends through SNS. By sharing your results with like-minded people, you can have more fun as well as raise your motivation to play, discover new things and compete with one another.

Share your tennis videos

Edit and share your Live Mode Videos on a PC

PlayMemories Home lets you save Live Mode Videos accompanied by your shot data to a PC, and then edit and share them over social networks to get advice and see how your game can improve.

Share your tennis videos

Learn how to edit your Live Mode Videos with PlayMemories Home here


Prepare the sensor!

Get it on your racket and get more competitive. Just 4 easy steps and you’re ready to go.

Charge the sensor

Charge the sensor

Charge the sensor using the accompanying cradle. The indicator lamp is red when it is charging. When it turns off, the sensor is fully charged.

Attach the sensor

Attach the sensor

Remove the racket logo cap, affix the attachment ring onto the grip end of the racket, place the sensor onto the attachment ring as per the indicating arrow and turn until it clicks into its secure holding position.

Install the app

Install the app

Install the app on your smartphone and follow the instructions on the screen to connect the sensor.

Register your account

Register your account

Open the app, register your Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) / PlayStation™ Network (PSN) account and configure your user information. If you already have a SEN/PSN account, the settings can be configured smoothly.

Smart Tennis Sensor – App

First check to see if Smart Tennis Sensor supports your tennis racket, and is supported by your smartphone or tablet. Then download the Smart Tennis Sensor app from the App Store or Google Play. (SSE-TN1S and Smart Tennis Sensor App are available only in those countries. Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand.)


Additional attachments will let you easily change your racket from one to another.


Common Attachment for Wilson, Prince, and YONEX rackets



Attachment for HEAD rackets


Visit the Wilson shop list where you may find Smart Tennis Sensor.

Check for the latest information on Smart Tennis Sensor server maintenance.

Specifications & Features
Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the Smart Tennis Sensor provides a smart way to optimise your tennis game and share the results. Fine-tune your performance objectively and accurately by checking real-time visualisations on a smartphone or tablet, together with recorded shot metrics. Get it on your racket and get more competitive.
  • Motion sensor for impact position recognition

  • Vibration sensor for swing type recognition

  • Waterproof and dust tight (in compliance with IP65)

  • Up to 3 hours of battery life (Memory mode and Bluetooth OFF)

  • Approx. 12,000 shots storage in internal memory

What's in the Box

Attachment unit, Cradle, Cradle cap, Micro USB cable, Removal tool, Carrying bag

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