Return of Retro Music Players

Vinyl record players and cassette players are making a comeback

Get ready to press rewind because retro music players are making a comeback. Modern day music fans are rediscovering the vintage gadgets and music formats of yesteryear, incorporating vinyl record players, the Walkman®, cassette players, vinyl records and cassette tapes into their listening habits. Joining in on the retro technology trend are some of music’s biggest stars like Taylor Swift, Blink 182 and Coldplay. These music artists are releasing their music in formats old and new, from vinyl records to cassette tapes to MP3s and High-Resolution Audio files. Rolling Stone reports that international tape producers saw a 30 percent increase in cassette tape sales, with vinyl records also having a substantial sales year. It’s time to dust off the records and tapes you’ve stored away and pick up an old-school listening device because these retro music players are ready for their second turn in the tech spotlight.

Turntables — Your New Favorite Vinyl Record Players

Today’s generation of turntables is sleek and slim compared to the vinyl record players that our parents grew up with. Along with modifications in size, these retro music players now come in a rainbow of colors and feature cutting-edge technology. From portable turntables to vinyl record players that look like modern art pieces, there are more options than ever before when it comes to enjoying your favorite records. Along with cassette tapes and vinyl records, turntables are reporting record-breaking sales. This past Christmas, turntables outsold all other audio gadgets on Amazon.

Just because you’re listening to a vinyl record, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it on your modern devices. Vinyl record players, including Sony’s turntable PS-HX500, are breathing new life into the analog trend with USB capabilities that allow you to convert your vinyl record collection into High-Resolution Audio files. Folk-rock trio The Lumineers released their newest album “Cleopatra” on vinyl and High-Resolution Audio format and are just one of the many music artists you can enjoy on-the-go or seated around the vinyl record player with friends.

Going hand-in-hand with the turntable trend, vinyl records are an old-school music format that continues to gain momentum. Popular among audiophiles and music fans, this format for listening is very different than what previous generations were accustomed to. Vinyl records are made in a variety of colors and packaged especially to cater to avid music fans. From limited runs of special colors to vinyl subscription services, vinyl records are made for collecting, as well as listening. It’s all about the experience. After all, there’s no better feeling than hunting for a rare or cherished vinyl record in-store. 

What kinds of vinyl records are consumers gravitating toward? In 2015, the most popular vinyl records came from a mix of old and new music artists, with Adele, Amy Winehouse, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, The Beatles and Nirvana all joining the top 40 biggest-selling vinyl albums on Official Charts. 

Walkman® — the Portable Retro Music Players

Take your music with you wherever you go on a portable retro music player updated to suit the needs of modern consumers. The Walkman® has since gotten a huge upgrade, and is looking more stylish, slim and colorful than ever before. There’s a portable retro music player made to fit your musical personality, whether you’re an audiophile with an extensive collection of High-Resolution Audio files or a busy student looking to listen while you head to class. Now there’s never a reason to leave home without a music playlist. Save your smartphone’s battery, and let a portable music player provide your soundtrack.

If you’re looking for a portable retro music player with personality, consider the NW-A20 Series Walkman® with High-Resolution Audio. Listening has no limits with this device, and the included noise-cancelling headphones let you focus on your favorite track by removing all other distractions. Enjoy the sounds of classic music artists in High-Resolution Audio format. For instance, the High-Resolution Audio version of Fleetwood Mac’s classic album “Rumors” will elevate the angelic vocals of Stevie Nicks, and leave you with “Dreams” of seeing the band live. 

Cassette Players — the Newest Retro Music Players

Sony's first Walkman ® model, the TPS-L2,  was introduced in 1979.

Cassette players and cassette tapes are the latest retro music player to make a comeback. Like vinyl records, cassette tapes come in a variety of colors and packaging, adding a new twist to retro music listening. Record stores and retailers around the world are now selling cassette tapes, and bands are riding the cassette wave too. Music icons like Justin Bieber and Kanye West are joining indie artists such as Grimes and Father John Misty in releasing both limited edition and wide release cassette tapes. 

Cassette fans are dusting off their cassette players or investing in modernized ones to enjoy the classic music format. Cassette tape players come in many different colors and sizes, including large old-school boom boxes, small handheld devices and conversion players that convert your favorite tape tracks into MP3s.

Just Press Play

There’s something for all music fans to rediscover with the resurgence of these retro music players. Whether you enjoy the warmth and social aspect of turntable listening while hanging out with friends or the solitude and distraction-free listening of portable music gadgets while running your errands, retro music players are made for music fans of all ages. Once you find the music player of your choice, just press play and you’re ready to soak in the sounds of your favorite music in a classic way. 

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