Up to 1.5 times the heat absorption performance and up to 1.8 times the battery life

The most powerful cooling system in the REON POCKET series.

Further improved cooling performance in high-temperature environments

REON POCKET is a wearable thermal device that can directly cool or warm the part of the body that the device is in contact with. This device can be used in any season, as it both cools and warms.

The REON POCKET 5 boasts up to 1.5 times more heat absorption and significantly improved cooling performance when compared with the previous model in the series. It runs for approximately 4 hours at COOL Level 5 (the maximum cooling level) and for approximately 7.5 hours at COOL Level 4, which is around 1.8 times longer than the previous model.

When using RNP-5 at COOL Level 5 and RNP-4 at COOL Level 4.This may vary depending on usage conditions and environment.

Quiet-yet-powerful cooling

Equipped with a newly designed thermal module and cooling fan. Operating noise is reduced by up to approximately 80%.


The internal structure of the thermal module in the REON POCKET 5 has been redesigned and made larger, achieving up to 1.8 times the cooling efficiency.
This greatly increased efficiency results in more powerful cooling and longer running time.

The cooling fan blade shape is optimised for the internal structure of the main unit, and the DC three-phase motor fluid dynamic bearing structure reduces operating noise from the device by up to approximately 80%. This significantly lower noise makes the device even more suitable for use in a business environment.

Stronger, faster, longer

With the new SMART COOL⇔WARM MODE, the REON POCKET TAG’s sensing technology maximises the performance of the REON POCKET 5 to provide optimal cooling more powerfully, more quickly and for longer.

The REON POCKET TAG’s sensing functionality such as direct sunlight detection has been improved, reducing the time taken to adjust the temperature to suit your environment and quickly providing you with optimal cooling for the situation.

When using SMART COOL⇔WARM MODE, which automatically switches between cooling and warming, the REON POCKET 5's improved heat absorption produces powerful cooling for up to 10 hours.

Two air vent covers to match your style

Heat from the main unit is discharged behind your neck, keeping you cool.


For casual clothing, wear the short size.

This shape avoids standing out when worn with a short collar and fully expels heat behind you.

For business clothing, wear the long size.

This shape extends above the collar while matching the curve of your neck and back, expelling heat efficiently without standing out when worn with business clothing.

Neckband designed for an ergonomic fit


Fits the shape of your neckwhile securely holding the device

The included dedicated neckband can be adjusted to suit neck size and angle. The REON POCKET's cooling/warming section stays in close contact with your body and provides stability that prevents the device from shifting when you move around. Suitable for a wide range of neck sizes from 34 cm to 46 cm.

A dedicated smaller-sized Neckband 4 (SMALL) (RNPB-N4S) is also available, sold separately.

Triple-layer construction for both hold and flexibility

The newly designed band is flexible enough to be freely adjustable, yet firm enough to keep itself in the chosen position. The adjustable flexible mechanical tube, shape-holding wire frame and the silicone rubber that covers them provide a soft, comfortable feel even when worn for long periods of time.

The REON POCKET 5 can also be used in winter

The REON POCKET 5 can be used for both cooling and warming, with four adjustable WARM MODE levels to suit your preference.
In addition, when using SMART COOL⇔WARM MODE, which automatically switches between COOL and WARM modes, the the device automatically adjusts itself to suit changes in the environment, even during volatile seasons with extreme temperature changes or days that have a mixture of hot and cold temperatures.

REON POCKET series features comparison

1* Automatic COOL/WARM switching is only available when connected to the REON POCKET TAG.2* Average amount of heat absorption while running with a charged battery at the maximum cooling level for 60 minutes.
Star ratings are measured by Sony’s own evaluation of heat absorption. A higher number of stars indicates a higher level of performance.
3* Battery life when operating on COOL Level 4 with a rechargeable battery.
4* Quietness when operating on COOL Level 4 based on an internal measurement method.Star ratings are measured by Sony’s own evaluation of quietness. A higher number of stars indicates a higher level of performance.
5* Weight of the REON POCKET 5 and neckband. The RNP-5 weight indicates the weight when the air vent cover (short) is attached.
6* Various internal components have been sealed effectively, and each device is designed to be dust and splash resistant to prevent ingress of water droplets and dust. This does not completely prevent ingress of sweat or water droplets.

Main unit specifications

REON POCKET 5 Features

Supported features

Manual mode / Auto mode / My mode / Wave mode / Golf mode /
AUTO START/STOP function / QUICK LAUNCH / USB-powered operation / Air volume adjustment function

Maximum dimensions (width/height/depth) and weight

Neckband 4 (RNPB-N4) with air vent cover (short) attached
Approx. 125 mm × 23 mm × 137 mm
Weight: Approx. 153 g

Neckband 4 (RNPB-N4) with air vent cover (long) attached
Approx. 125 mm × 45 mm × 170 mm
Weight: Approx. 160 g

REON POCKET 5 main unit (RNP-5) only
Approx. 55 mm × 23 mm × 117 mm
Weight: Approx. 116 g

Manual modeTemperature level

COOL level 1–5, 5+
WARM level 1–4

Cooling/warming section material

Stainless steel SUS316L

Moisture-resistant sealant

Cooling/warming section, internal parts

Operating temperature range (operating environment)


Communication method

Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy

Supported operating systems

iOS 13 or later / Android™ 8 or later

Rechargeable battery

Integrated lithium-ion battery

Battery life

Level 1: Approx. 17 hours
Level 2: Approx. 12 hours
Level 3: Approx. 10 hours
Level 4: Approx. 7.5 hours
Level 5: Approx. 4 hours

Level 1: Approx. 8 hours
Level 2: Approx. 6 hours
Level 3: Approx. 5 hours
Level 4: Approx. 4 hours

Charging time

Approx. 170 minutes (full charge), approx. 100 minutes (90% charge)

Charging port

USB Type-C®

Included contents

RNPK-5T (includes dedicated neckband and REON POCKET TAG)

REON POCKET 5 main unit (RNP-5)
Neckband 4 (RNPB-N4)
L-shaped USB Type-C® cable (USB-A — USB-C®)
Air vent cover (short) (long)
Startup Guide (RNPK-5, RNPT-1)
Warranty card (valid only in Japan)
Lithium coin cell battery (CR2032)

RNPK-5 (includes dedicated neckband)

Neckband 4 (RNPB-N4)
L-shaped USB Type-C® cable (USB-A — USB-C®)
Air vent cover (short) (long)
Startup Guide
Warranty card (valid only in Japan)

*USB AC adaptor is not included.

Precautions for Use

The REON POCKET is intended for use in daily outings, commuting, and light exercise (e.g. walking, golfing).

Other precautions

This product is not waterproof, so please refrain from using it in rain, snow, or other conditions where the main unit is exposed to moisture. Wear breathable and loose-fitting clothing. Also, wear white or other light-coloured clothing that absorbs less heat from the sun than dark clothing.Be sure to create adequate room around your neck by taking off your tie, opening the top button of your shirt, etc. Since the product is a precision device, do not subject the product to strong impacts such as dropping or throwing it.