Wear Time, Your Way

Change up your look whenever you want with Sony's e-paper fashion watch

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Every day, new designs and collaborations give people even more freedom to express themselves through digital fashion. Take a look at some of this month's latest creations.

Let's get personal

With the Closet APP you can create your own design gallery.

For illustration purposes only. Some steps removed. 

This is me, this is who I am

See how people are switching the style of their FES watch to match their feelings and moods.

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Fashion Entertainments (FES)

Sony's digital fashion brand, connecting individuals with creators through technology. FES watch is the first step towards an exciting new world of high fashion, totally unique accessories.

Embracing change, evolving fashion

Watch the video to see how the FES watch is making fashion digital.


Wear time, your way

Change up your look whenever you want to with the fashionable e-paper watch. Just one push of a button changes the design of the watch face and strap, so you can match your style.