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Android Enterprise Recommended range

Android Enterprise Recommended offers an ecosystem of devices and services verified by Google™ against enterprise grade requirements for performance, consistency and security updates.

Mobile security for business
Mobile security for business

Android™ delivers powerful, built-in security and innovative and comprehensive management through the broadest range of devices, empowering businesses to connect mobile workers and realize a competitive advantage.

Security maintenance update
Security maintenance update 

You get at least 2 years of security updates, ensuring that your company’s enterprise devices are up to date.

Xperia 10 II -6" 21:9 Wide 6” OLED display | Triple lens camera
  • 21:9 Wide 6” OLED display
  • Triple lens camera
  • Water and dust resistant, IP65/68 rated
Xperia 10 II Security Maintenance Release Information
Released security update and Security patch level information
Build number Security patch level
59.0.A.1.296 2020-03-01
59.0.A.3.42 2020-05-01
59.0.A.3.45 2020-05-01
59.0.A.5.2 2020-05-01
59.0.A.6.24 2020-07-01
Security patches details

Users can find their Android Security Patch Level and details Settings -> About Phone -> Android version -> Android security patch level

Please refer to the Android security bulletins for details https://source.android.com/security/bulletin