XR Processor™ – experience pictures and sound the same way you do in real life

For picture and sound you can almost feel – XR Processor™

With XR Processor™, BRAVIA TVs analyse the content and recreate it the same way humans see and hear in the real world. For example, they understand where humans tend to focus in a picture – like the main character in a movie. They also know that sound should come from above you when it’s a jet aircraft and recreate that sound in your living room. The result is your favourite content recreated in a way that’s so real you can feel it.

Unmatched realism with XR Processor™

Powered for precision. Our XR Processor™ features a scene recognition system that detects and analyses data like skin tones and graphics with extreme accuracy, then optimises the picture for breathtaking realism.

How the XR Processor™ works

Conventional AI can only detect and analyse picture elements like colour, contrast and clarity individually. This means that the picture element is enhanced to only a certain level. But the way we perceive the world is based on all kinds of information coming from our eyes and ears to our brain. Working in the same way, XR Processor™ cross-analyses hundreds of thousands of elements at once. One of these elements is the focal point – which can detect where humans tend to focus the most. By cross-analysing each picture element including focal point, it generates depth information and adjusts each part to give the picture the most depth and reality.

(1) Original (2) Colour (3) Clarity (4) Focal Point (5) Contrast (6) Depth (7) Motion (8) Cross Analysis

What is the focal point?

The focal point is where you tend to focus in a picture, where your eyes are naturally drawn to within the scene. TVs with XR Processor™ recognise that focal point and enhance that part of the image, just as our eyes do in the real world. So, there’s more depth to the player with the football or the main character, and scoreboards become easier to see.

Image of a person riding a horse, showing the focal point of the scene and where the focal point is not
(1) Focal point  (2) Not focal point
Image of a Football game showing the goal scoring player and score clearly highlighted
Two angled screen images, the screen on the left showing sunflowers in a field with part cloudy sky above, the screen on the right showing how Cognitive Intelligence analyses and generates the depth map of this scene to enhance depth and texture
What is depth mapping?

BRAVIA TVs utilise Human Cognitive technology to enhance depth and texture for unprecedented immersive experiences at home. Powered by cross-analysis, the depth map is analysed and generated by Cognitive Intelligence. Foreground depth is enhanced and the background adjusted so the entire image looks more real and natural.

See how the focal point works in XR Processor™ 

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Creating a more realistic, immersive soundscape, just like you hear in real life
TV showing a woman singing with sound waves coming from the microphone on screen
Sound positioned to bring you into the action

With advanced sound processing that mimics the human ear by pinpointing where sound is coming from and placing it in the right spot on screen, BRAVIA TVs put you at the heart of the scene.

Split screen view showing two images of a person sitting on a sofa watching a wall-mounted TV with image on left displaying blue sound waves from a conventional TV and image on right displaying blue sound waves from a TV with 3D surround upscaling
A virtual sound experience with extra dimensions 

Delivering sound in horizontal and vertical directions, BRAVIA TVs provide a real multi-dimensional experience. They analyse and upconvert audio to 5.1.2ch surround sound, creating a true 3D soundscape.