Best Workout Headphones

Make sure to pack these workout headphones and speakers in your gym bag 

After an exhausting day at work full of meetings, emails and a long commute, the last thing that you want to do is make the drive to the gym and workout. Motivation is key to getting and staying in shape. Developing a workout routine, finding a gym buddy, building the perfect workout music playlist and finding the best workout headphones and audio gear to fit your needs are all part of what makes you excited to go the gym and be productive once you are there. Exercising with music prevents monotony and limits outside distractions so that you can get your best workout in.

What’s the most important quality you should look for in a pair of workout headphones? You’ll want a pair of headphones that is wireless, giving you the freedom to move around without getting tangled up. According to research from Futuresource Consulting, demand for wireless headphones has been increasing over the years, with volumes doubling in 2015 to comprise 14 percent of the overall market. 

Whichever exercise is part of your weekly routine, there is a perfect pair of wireless workout headphones and audio equipment that will allow you to move freely, block out noise and won’t weigh you down. We’ve listed qualities of the best workout audio accessories that you should look out for when selecting the right gear for your exercise. 

Workout Headphones that Won’t Weigh You Down

The only thing that should be weighing you down at the gym is dumbbells, not your workout headphones. When choosing music equipment for cardio exercise, lightweight workout headphones are a must. Long-distance running on a treadmill requires headphones that feel like they are barely there. Choose workout headphones that are made from lightweight materials and have minimal to no cables adding to the weight so that you can forget that you are wearing headphones while working out and focus on the task at hand — staying fit and training for that marathon. 

We recommend the Sony h.ear in wireless headphones

Weighing in at only 1.3 ounces, these stylish workout headphones are almost as light as a feather. The h.ear in wireless’ unique behind-the-neck design provides a natural fit and feel. And not only will these headphones feel great, they’ll make you look great as well. Coming in five bright colors, the fashionable h.ear in wireless headphones will make you the best looking one while working out at the gym. Match them to your running shoes or water bottle to make a statement, and you will surely make heads turn the moment you arrive at the gym. And the best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice sound quality for size. Whenever you are working out, these headphones allow you to enjoy High-Resolution Audio for an awesome exercise and listening experience.  

Workout Headphones that Block Out Noise

In order to truly focus on becoming fit, you need a pair of workout headphones that help you become fully immersed in your own world. The cool down portion of any exercise is one of the most important things you can to do to make sure your body remains in peak physical condition. Focusing on breathing deeply to help your heart rate return to normal resting levels and ensuring that your muscles are properly stretched and relaxed can help relieve soreness after a workout. Try taking along a pair of noise-canceling workout headphones to the gym for times when you need to concentrate on your music, breathing deeply and correctly cooling down your body. You’ll be able to tune out the grunts and small talk while you focus on making sure your heartrate and breathing are returning to normal levels. 

We recommend the Sony h.ear on Wireless NC headphones

These wireless, noise-canceling workout headphones are the ticket to a distraction-free exercise session. The digital noise-canceling technology allows you to laser in on your cool-down sessions. Two microphones that are built into these workout headphones (one on the outside and one on the inside) draw on the digital noise-canceling engine to cut out the background gym noise. The Automatic Noise-Canceling AI feature is constantly working to analyze the ambient sound and select the most effective noise-canceling mode. These wireless workout headphones are also easy to pack into any gym bag because they come with a carrying case that protects them from bangs and scratches while you are on the go. 

A Wireless Speaker that Will Allow You to Move

Somedays getting to the gym can be a chore and working out inside can feel a little stuffy. On days like these, a compact wireless speaker and an exercise mat can make the world your gym. Whether you love working out to high-intensity interval training from the comfort of your own living room or like to get some fresh air by doing yoga in the park with a friend, a wireless speaker can turn any space into the perfect exercise area. A speaker that has Bluetooth® technology will allow you to stream your whole music library or listen to that workout DVD with ease, with no wires to trip you up. 

We recommend the SRS-ZR7 wireless speaker

This compact, wireless speaker is a reliable and easy-to-use workout companion. The SRS-ZR7 works with both Google Cast and Spotify Connect so that you can easily access your music library multiple different ways and stream your favorite workout playlist wherever you are from your smartphone while you are doing your favorite yoga poses in the park. The SRS-ZR7 also features better than conventional Bluetooth® streaming with its impressive LDAC codec technology. This technology supports bitrates up to three times higher than normal Bluetooth® streaming and 96 kHz sampling rates. And for times when you want to watch a workout video in the comfort of your own home, the SRS-ZR7 has an HDMI connection to attach the speaker to your TV. To really kick your workout up a notch, consider combining two ZR7 wireless speakers with your Sony HT-NT5 sound bar for an immersive surround sound experience. The SRS-ZR7 is ready to move wherever you are most comfortable working out. 

It’s Time to Hit the Gym 

Next time you go to the gym, make sure you have plenty of water, your weights and your trusty workout headphones and speaker in your bag. You’ll enjoy both High-Resolution Audio quality music and the exhilarating feeling of exercising. 

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