2016 Best Summer Songs

Soak up the sun with these hot summer music hits

Summer is here, and with this season of sun comes a few blissful months of fun. Last year, AAA predicted a record number of travelers would hit the road in search of summer vacations, adventures and celebrations, and it’s expected that this summer will also be a popular time for travel. Before you head off on your road trip, make sure you’re equipped with the best summer songs for jamming out to behind the wheel. 

After you pack up your bags with summer essentials like sunscreen, sunglasses, a beachside read and your NW-A20 Series Walkman®, don’t forget to bring along a music playlist of this year’s best summer songs. Whether you’re taking a summer road trip, waiting in line at an amusement park or sitting beachside with friends or family, these summer songs will keep the sunny spirit of the season bright. 

Best Summer Song for a Solo Dance Party

“Make Me Like You” 

Artist: Gwen Stefani

Songstress Gwen Stefani is no stranger to creating chart-topping hit songs that are sure to get you dancing this summer. She started her career as the front woman for No Doubt before taking things solo in 2004. Her most current solo album, “This is What the Truth Feels Like,” was released this year and is an album of catchy pop hits.

“Make Me Like You” was the first single to come from the album, and its catchy lyrics and bright, bubbly beats make it impossible to forget. The High-Resolution Audio version of this sweet summer hit song brings out its hidden colorful elements, including bubbling sound effects and Stefani’s killer melodies. 

Best Summer Song for Lounging on the Beach

“New Romantics” 

Artist: Taylor Swift

A perfect playlist of summer songs isn’t complete without including pop music sensation Taylor Swift. Although her “1989” came out in 2014, the album continues to top the charts. “New Romantics” was a previously unreleased single. Swift smashed chart records and sales with the album’s release and gave her fans an inside peek at her 1989 World Tour in the track’s music video

“New Romantics” is made for summer daydreaming while you are lounging on the beach, and listening in High-Resolution Audio allows for Swift’s vocals to soar. Her anthem of fighting back against heartbreak is exactly what you need to make your summer unstoppable.

Best Summer Song for Picnics at the Park

“Chasing Shadows”

Artist: Santigold

The return of Santigold is as sweet as enjoying an ice cream cone in the height of summer heat. Santi White performs under her moniker Santigold and makes creative, groovy electro-pop music that’s impossible to forget and perfect for a day of picnicking in the park. She’s returned just in time to provide the songs for your summer festivities with “99¢,” her third studio album. 

The music video for the track “Chasing Shadows” was produced by Rostam Batmanglij, formerly of Vampire Weekend. According to Santigold’s interview in Pitchfork, the track is about “… the conflicted reality of an artist’s life. Caught in the web we spin around ourselves, a mixture of hubris and the guise of perfection, we fear being swallowed up by our own ambition.” In the High-Resolution Audio version, you’re sure to pick up every piano note and drum beat in this summer hit song, and may even find yourself humming or dancing along to Santi’s reggae-style singing and rapping.

Best Summer Song for a Spontaneous Road Trip 

“Adventure of a Lifetime” 

Artist: Coldplay

Warm weather calls us to the open road and Coldplay provides the perfect summer songs for a spontaneous road trip. The British rock band is beloved for a sound that appeals to a variety of music fans. On their recently released album “Head Full of Dreams,” they collaborated with some of music’s biggest names, including Beyoncé and Noel Gallagher. The album was a top seller in 2015, and you can see the band perform it live in its full glory during their international tour this summer.

“Adventure of a Lifetime” is playful and groovy, a song that will keep you dancing wherever your summer adventure takes you. In High-Res Audio, you’re likely to feel transported straight to the stage at one of their shows, the fast-paced and sweeping instrumentals carrying you straight into the heart of an incredible summer.

Best Summer Song for an Outdoor Gathering with Friends

“Let It Happen”

Artist: Tame Impala

If you’re an indie and alternative rock fan, you’ll want to include Tame Impala in your playlist of summer songs. The band has garnered international acclaim with their psychedelic alternative rock music. Last year, the band released its third full-length studio album “Currents,” which earned them a Grammy nomination and the honor of being included on many critics’ year- end music lists. With soaring guitar work and unique sound effects, the album is a must-have for any outdoor summer gatherings with friends and family.

The band continues to release hits from the album with “The Less I Know” and “Cause I’m A Man” receiving stunning visual treatments. The frenetic and energized track “Let It Happen,” is sure to get Tame Impala fans in the spirit of a carefree summer, and in High-Res Audio, you can really appreciate every heart-pounding, psychedelic second. If you can’t get enough of the Australian band, they’re heading out on an extensive tour for the summer.

Time for Summer Fun

Now that you’re armed with the best summer songs, it’s time to hit the road and enjoy all that summer has to offer. Don’t forget your h.ear go wireless speaker for entertaining at outdoor gatherings or your h.ear on Wireless NC headphones, which are perfect for summer flights and festivities. With these top summer hits, this season is sure to be one to remember. 

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