The Best Smartphone

And headphones for premium sound quality on the go

If you thought the only way to listen to music in superior sound quality is through a High-Resolution Walkman®, headphones or speakers, think again — with just one click on your best smartphone and headphones combination, you can listen to your favorite music playlist in premium sound quality.

Of course, this isn’t possible with just any smartphone — you need the Sony Xperia™ Z3.

The secret is Sony’s DSEE HX (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) technology, which refines and restores heavily compressed MP3 and AAC files, upscaling your low-res songs to near high-resolution sound quality.

Besides the premium sound quality, here are a few more noteworthy features of this Sony smartphone:

Waterproof: With an IP65/68 rating, the Xperia™ Z3 can last for up to 30 minutes in fresh water, and you can dive as deep as 5 feet.

Takes stunning images: With Sony’s Exmor RS™ mobile sensor and the first ISO 12800 in a smartphone, this phone will take your photos to a whole new level.

Gaming: The only smartphone with PS4™ Remote Play.

Exceptional battery life: Estimated usage time of two days.

One-touch connectivity: Play music from the Xperia™ Z3 on any NFC-enabled speaker or headset, with one-touch connectivity.

MDR-1A High-Resolution Audio Headphones

But you won’t get the full experience of listening to music in premium sound quality without the MDR-1A High-Resolution Audio headphones — the Xperia™ Z3 smartphone’s best companion.

These headphones feature pressure-relieving cushions that wrap entirely around your ears for a comfortable fit, so you can listen to music for several hours while you’re on the go.

Most importantly, these headphones deliver powerful bass and exceptional audio performance.

Here are some of the other top features that the MDR-1A headphones have to offer:

Superior sound quality: Up to 100 kHz for balanced and natural sound reproduction (for High-Resolution Audio)

Long-term comfort: Pressure-relieving leather cushions that wrap entirely around ears

Lightweight: 7.94 ounces (225 grams) without cable

MDR-1ABT Bluetooth® Headphones

If you are looking for a wireless companion to your Xperia™ Z3 that can keep up with your High-Resolution Audio library, then the MDR-1ABT headphones are for you.

These headphones feature Bluetooth® LDAC technology developed by Sony. It supports bitrates up to three times higher than typical Bluetooth® streaming, 96 kHz sampling rates, and more efficient coding for CD-quality wireless sound.

Here are some other handy features that the MDR-1ABT headphones have to offer:

Ultra-wide frequency: Hear deep lows and a full range of sound from 4Hz up to 100 kHz when listening through a wired connection

One-touch listening: Use NFC to make a quick connection, then stream your favorite tracks via Bluetooth®

There’s no reason why you should compromise on sound quality when it comes to your smartphone. With the Xperia™ Z3 and the MDR-1A and MDR-1ABT headphones, you get the best of both worlds – premium sound quality and lightweight headphones made for people on the go.

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