The 10 Best Pump Up Songs

The best weight lifting music playlist to pump up your muscles

A music playlist of the best pump up songs is a key motivator for getting your ultimate workout. The right music can help you hoist a bigger kettlebell, power through another set and achieve your personal fitness goals. We know we can rely on music to get us pumped up and set the tone for our best workout ever. 

Weight lifting is an extremely demanding sport that requires both physical and mental stamina. Heavy squats and clean pulls are two weight-lifting exercises that require absolute attention to form, and the right pump up songs can help you get in the zone.

If you’re on the lookout for the best pump up songs for weight lifting, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of workout tracks with heavy guitar riffs and fast beats that are sure to get both your blood (and arms) pumping. Lift heavy and rock out to these punchy beats with some of the best weight lifting songs we’ve assembled just for you. Bring this list of the 10 best pump up songs with you the next time you work out and lift weights at the gym, and notice the difference for yourself.

Best Pump Up Songs for Your Weight Lifting Warm-up

“Swerve City”

Artist: Deftones

Begin your workout by warming up your whole body with some arm swings, shoulder rotations and body squats while listening to the Deftones. This alternative metal and experimental rock band is the perfect pump-up song to put you in the right mindset before you approach the bench. 

“Can’t Feel My Face”

Artist: The Weeknd 

Continue your warm-up with light free weights or just the bar to work on your form before tackling the heavy weights. Allow your muscles to get used to the proper movement while listening to The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face.” The alternative R&B singer’s catchy hook and exuberant bass line will give you that extra surge as you walk over to the free weights and pick up a set to begin your workout. 

Best Pump Up Songs for Hitting Your Stride 

“Stockholm Syndrome”

Artist: Muse

With its epic guitar and bass riffs, and a cymbal crash that crescendos into its mind-blowing chorus, “Stockholm Syndrome” is said to be the song that defines Muse. Lead vocalist Matt Bellamy’s haunting falsetto, the simple piano melody and the beautiful synthesizer swells will be sure to pump you up and push you to finish your rep set. 

“Iron Man”

Artist: Black Sabbath

Originally released in the early ’70s, “Iron Man” quickly developed a cult following and later went on to win a Grammy. Perhaps best known for its opening guitar riff, this sensational song helped put British rock band Black Sabbath on the map. Today, the song is still revered and listened to by those who want to become strong “iron men” themselves.

Best Pump Up Songs for Increasing the Intensity  

“Rock or Bust”

Artist: AC/DC

“Rock or Bust” is the second single off the newest album from celebrated Australian rock band AC/DC. The official music video was filmed in London in front of 500 fans and was uploaded by accident instead of the first single from the album, “Play Ball.” Both songs, however, provide a steady rhythm, perfect for timing weighted squats to the beat of the drums. 

“Don’t Stop Me Now”

Artist: Queen

This sensational glam rock song builds on lead vocalist Freddie Mercury’s piano playing, until the bass guitarist and drummer enthusiastically join him for the chorus. Build your own momentum and get pumped up to match this animated beat. 

Best Pump Up Songs for that Last Extra Boost

“Eye of the Tiger”

Artist: Survivor

Best known for its appearance in Rocky III, American rock band Survivor’s most famous pump up song still packs a powerful punch that can help you power through the peak of your workout. 

“In the End”

Artist: Linkin Park

“In the End” is one of Linkin Park’s most recognizable and acclaimed songs for a reason. Known for its signature piano riffs coupled with meaningful rap lyrics, this rock pump up song will help push you to the next level and finish strong.

Best Pump Up Songs for the Cool-down 

 “Snow (Hey Oh)”

Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers 

Start bringing your workout to a close and slowing down the tempo with one of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ hit classics, “Snow (Hey Oh).” This wistful, funky rock ballad will help you take things down a notch.

“Jessie’s Girl”

Artist: Rick Springfield

Cool down with a light jog, dynamic stretching and some ice-cold water while listening to this fun rock classic, “Jessie’s Girl.”  

Time to Put in the Work

Even if you’re new to weight lifting, this rock music playlist full of classic pump up songs can help you mentally prepare for your workout. Just remember that heavy lifting is a gradual building exercise, so go slowly, safely and enjoy the music.

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