Top Music Videos of 2016

Check out some of this year's best music videos

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Gone are the days when you could switch on MTV or VH1 and spend hours catching up on the latest music videos from your favorite artists. But despite the dwindling of old school music video outlets we once loved, music videos are certainly not dead — far from it, actually. According to TechHive, 76.6 billion (56.6 percent) of the total music streams during the first half of 2015 were in video form, which is an increase of 109.2 percent compared to 2014. 

Over 76 billion of the total music streams during the first half of 2015 were in video form.

Source: TechHive

The online music video trend has only continued to grow in 2016, with some of the top artists like Frank Ocean, Kanye West, Beyoncé and more releasing hit music videos and visual albums with their new music. To highlight their popularity, we’ve rounded up some of the top music videos of 2016. From pop to EDM, these four music videos were some of listeners’ favorites from this year. 

“Can’t Stop the Feeling!”

Artist: Justin Timberlake 

We can always count on pop music icon Justin Timberlake to supply us with dance-worthy hits, and his latest song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” does not disappoint. The song and accompanying music video are addictively upbeat, earning over 250 million views on YouTube since its release in May. The music video features an eclectic montage of dance moves from all sorts of characters: a grocery store clerk, donut shop worker, business man, mechanic, waitress and more. And of course, the video includes some epic dance moves from Timberlake himself! You won’t be able to stop yourself from breaking out into a happy dance of your own when watching this top music video.

“Hymn for the Weekend”

Artist: Coldplay 

British rock band Coldplay has continued to surprise their fans by evolving their music style over the years, and 2016 was no exception. Their latest album, “A Head Full of Dreams,” was well-received around the world, but the hit song “Hymn for the Weekend” was undoubtedly the standout song of the album. The music video was an even bigger hit, collecting over 570 million views on YouTube and counting. The video is set in a busy city during Holi, also known as the festival of colors, a celebration that takes place every spring in India and Nepal. The video shows people in the streets dancing and throwing brightly colored powders in celebration, while the members of Coldplay sing and play instruments amidst the festivities. The video is an explosion of color and aesthetic, earning it a well-deserved spot in our top music videos of 2016.

“Cheap Thrills”

Artist: Sia 

Sia is a music artist unlike any other, and her unique style is always reflected in the beautiful quirkiness of her music videos. Many of her music videos, like “Chandelier” and “Greatest,” are deeply artistic, often featuring choreographed dance routines from professional dancers. One of Sia’s latest songs, “Cheap Thrills,” was one of the top songs of 2016, landing the No. 8 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 List. For this video, Sia surprised us again by taking a different approach. The video is a funky take on a 1950s sock hop dance, featuring a cameo of two dancers sporting Sia’s infamous half black/half white wig. Fans loved her fresh, new approach — probably why this music video has been viewed a whopping 600 million times on YouTube. 

“This is What You Came For”

Artist: Calvin Harris and Rihanna

“This is What You Came For” was easily one of the most popular songs of 2016, so it’s no surprise that the accompanying music video has been viewed close to a billion times. Although Calvin Harris and Rihanna may have initially seemed like a random musical pairing, this fresh EDM collaboration created one of the catchiest songs on the charts and will have you feeling ready to hit the dance floor and party like you’re a part of their posse. As if looking at Rihanna’s beautiful face for four minutes isn’t reason enough to check out this video, you’ll also enjoy the flashing lights, special effects and dance moves that this music video features. 

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Music Videos Make a Comeback in 2016

Whether you prefer upbeat pop music or soulful R&B, 2016 gave us countless hit music videos from all different genres to enjoy. So grab your laptop or tablet and take a look at these top four music videos from 2016. 

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