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Best Music Playlists

To take on the world with music

A great music playlist can alter your mood, increase your energy and mentally prepare you for tough obstacles ahead. It can help you focus on important work projects, make time fly by faster on road trips and it can even motivate you to run that extra mile faster than ever before.  

Whatever lies before you, whether it’s going back to school, getting back into shape, or throwing a holiday party, we’ve got you covered with our favorite songs to help brighten your day and support you on your daily endeavors. Check out some of our best music playlists for every occasion.  

Music Playlist for Going Back to School

Whether you’re highly anticipating or absolutely dreading the first day back to class, let music calm you down or motivate you to get back into the swing of things. Listening to music has been proven to reduce stress and enhance performance, so dance your way back-to-school with this music playlist. 

Young the Giant — “Teachers”

Music Playlist for Avoiding the Freshman 15

School cafeterias with boundless options, late night eating with new friends and adjusting to class schedules are just a few of the ways our health can get away from us during the first year of college. Be one step ahead of the game by creating a new music playlist to avoid unhealthy habits and remind yourself to take care of what’s most important – you. 

Imagine Dragons – “I Bet My Life”

Music Playlist for Taking A Road Trip 

Road trips can either be really fun or absolutely brutal. What makes the difference between the two? We’d argue that it’s your road trip music playlist. Create a varied playlist with new songs you’ve never heard before, along with some of your favorite songs to jam out to. The new songs will help you keep your brain stimulated while you drive, and the old songs will remind you of memories and transport you back into the past. Time will fly by and so will the miles.

Counting Crows — “Mr. Jones”

Music Playlist for Working Out 

With so many different kinds of workouts and new fitness classes, our exercises are becoming more diverse – so why shouldn’t our music too? The songs you listen to while practicing yoga may not be appropriate while you’re doing some left hook kickboxing. We created a playlist with a song for every exercise to fulfill all of your fitness music needs. 

And we all know that the perfect workout music playlist can’t only be filled with pump up music, but needs to be rounded out with different tempos. For instance, start out with a song that has a steady beat and a slow build-up to warm up your muscles. Then, work your way up to the climax song that’s upbeat and faster-paced when you’re at the peak of your workout. Finally, when you’re ready to cool down, play a slower-paced song to help you slow your heartrate and stretch. This way, your music will match how you work out. Fortunately, we have all those different workout stages covered for you with this workout music playlist. 

The Weeknd – “Can’t Feel My Face”

Music Playlist for Throwing a Holiday Party

The holidays always seems to come and go so quickly with gift shopping, party preparations and coordinating travel arrangements. Gain more time to enjoy the season of giving by crossing off your party music playlist from your long list of to-dos. This great selection of holiday hits also comes paired with tasty seasonal drinks, so you can enjoy your piping cup of hot chocolate while enjoying the best holiday songs.

Idina Menzel & Michael Buble – “Baby It’s Cold Outside” 

Music Playlist for Valentine’s Day

When you’ve fallen for that special someone, lyrics suddenly have richer meaning and songs seem more melodic. Love songs in particular seem more relatable and it’s as though the artist knows exactly how you’re feeling. We’ve created a music playlist of our favorite songs that capture those indescribable feelings of love.  

Leon Bridges – “Smooth Sailing” 

With all these great options to choose from, you’ll wonder how you ever accomplished anything without music! So whether you’re about to go on a run, focus on a project for work or embark on a scenic road trip, we’ve got the perfect music playlist for you. 

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