Best Movie Soundtracks

High-Res Audio will transform your movie-viewing experience

Movie soundtracks serve a greater purpose than mere background sound. An expertly scored movie can make our palms sweat, bring happy or sad tears to our eyes, and even make us jump out of our seats in fear. With this masterful ability to control our emotions, there’s no question that music soundtracks play a significant role in our movie-watching experience.

However, to fully transplant yourself into the storyline of any great movie, you need superior sound quality, which means incorporating High-Resolution Audio into your movie-viewing ritual. If you haven’t experienced High-Res Audio while watching your favorite movie, prepare your eyes and ears for an entirely new experience.

Here are some of the best movie soundtracks from timeless movies.


Recently released “Spectre” is a must-see for Bond fans everywhere. The music soundtrack that accompanies the action scenes heightens the tension and motivates you to dodge bullets alongside Bond, James Bond. Even Daniel Craig had something to say about the way the new Bond movie was scored, stating, “This is honestly the best use of the Bond theme we’ve had in our movies. It’s so emotive, that sound, and if you use it at the right point in the movie, then everyone remembers, ‘Yes, we’re in a Bond movie.’”


This movie is littered with hit after hit of Broadway’s most beloved rock songs. The cast often uses objects around them as instruments, including an upside-down bucket as a drum. This movie soundtrack is guaranteed to make you cry from both laughter and sadness as it takes you on each endearing character’s journey during the days of New York’s Bohemian Alphabet City.

“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”

A movie with a heavy and emotionally taxing plot deserves a dark soundtrack to accompany it, and that’s exactly what this movie has. Its film score is sure to make your hair stand on end and give you goosebumps.

“Monty Python and the Holy Grail”

The French horns that play throughout this classic comedy will bring you back to medieval times. The Monty Python clan performs their own songs with hilarious lyrics and sound effects that are sure to bring a smile to your face.


Despite the smooth overtones, this jazzy movie soundtrack will have your stomach in knots. In this indie film, the music completely drives the plot, and you’ll be drawn into the protagonist’s journey toward becoming a core drummer at the prestigious Shaffer Conservatory. Each note will have you on the edge of your seat as you wonder the entire time — will he or won’t he miss a beat?

“The Amazing Spider-Man”

This movie soundtrack uses a full orchestra to create suspense for this fast-paced, action-packed movie. Hop into this comic book classic and become entangled in the film soundtrack that accentuates the untold story of how Peter Parker became Spider-Man, protector of the Big Apple.

“The Great Gatsby”

Even if you still haven’t seen “The Great Gatsby,” you’ve probably heard about this movie’s innovative soundtrack. Today’s best music artists like Beyoncé, Jay-Z and Florence + The Machine were just a few of the musicians who mixed flapper-esque music with modern rap and electric beats to transport you back to the Roaring Twenties.

Next time you watch one of these movies or enjoy their music soundtracks, be sure to use a home audio system that has a High-Res Music player. For instance, the HT-ST9 produces virtual surround sound to emulate a natural, three dimensional experience.

HT-ST9 Sound Bar Top Features:

Surround sound: tuned by Hollywood sound engineers for the superb home theater experience

Superior sound quality: supports High-Resolution Audio playback

High-quality wireless streaming: provides top wireless Bluetooth® music streaming with Sony’s new audio technology LDAC™

Restores high frequency sound lost in audio compression: includes Sony technology, DSEE HX, which revitalizes the audio to near high resolution sound quality

Now that you’re fully equipped to have the movie marathon of your life, make some popcorn and invite your friends over so they too can experience the difference that High-Res Audio makes!

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