Headphones for Movie Buffs

Best headphones for watching movies with theatre-quality sound 

In recent years, movie-goers’ habits have shifted toward out-of-theatre viewing experiences, posing a greater need to search for the best headphones for movies. According to a 2015 report by Statistica, nearly 60 percent of people prefer to watch movies in the comfort of their own homes as opposed to spending a night out at the movie theatre. 

60 percent of people prefer to watch movies in the comfort of their own homes

But let’s face it, enjoying the award-winning score of “The Revenant” or singing along with Elsa in “Frozen” just isn’t the same when you can’t hear the sound in high quality. It can be difficult to find the time and space to enjoy a movie in full audio. Your roommate may need the house quiet to prepare for a big exam, or maybe your neighbors in the apartment next door are bothered by the noise of your TV at night. Whatever the situation may be, you’ll need a pair of wireless Bluetooth® headphones for movies that give you exceptional audio without causing unwanted noise. 

Movie buffs with varying tastes in film will also have different needs in audio and headphones for movies. If you love watching movies while traveling, then you’ll need headphones that are noise-canceling. If you’re a fan of suspense-thriller movies, you’ll need headphones that can deliver large, powerful beats and sounds. To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up our favorite picks of the best headphones for movies and other home theatre gadgets to ensure you don’t miss a beat of your favorite films. 

Best Way to Boost Your Headphones’ Sound 

If you plan on watching a movie and are looking for the highest sound quality, consider investing in some new home theatre audio equipment to pair with your Bluetooth® wireless headphones. Pairing home theatre devices with Bluetooth headphones will allow you to experience the audio enhancements of a soundbar or AV receiver without disturbing others. 

If you prefer a compact, sleek device that still packs a lot of punch, we suggest the Sony HT-NT5 Soundbar. This super slim soundbar allows you to experience High-Resolution Audio and virtual surround sound technology through its powerful 3-way speakers and 6 discrete amplifiers. 

And if you really feel like taking your home entertainment system up a notch, we recommend the Sony STR-DN1070 Home Theatre AV Receiver. Fully equipped with High-Resolution Audio and Dolby® TrueHD surround sound, this receiver delivers a more realistic and immersive home theatre experience. The combination of these products with your Bluetooth® headphones will produce theatre-quality sound right in your living room. 

Best Headphones for Watching Movies While Staying Connected 

MDR-XB650BT EXTRA BASS Bluetooth® Headphones

Bluetooth® headphones are perfect for movie fanatics who want the convenience of wire-free listening without compromising sound quality. With Bluetooth® headphones, it’s easy to sync with various devices so you can watch movies while staying connected to your phone, computer or tablet. For the best Bluetooth® listening experience, we recommend the MDR-XB650BT EXTRA BASS Bluetooth® Headphones. These headphones are built with powerful drivers, wide frequency ranges and high-grade components to replicate surround sound setups for exceptional audio quality. Because of the above-average Bluetooth frequency range of these headphones, you’ll have ultimate freedom and flexibility when watching movies. Feel free to refill the popcorn bowl, let your dog outside or grab a blanket without losing sound connection or quality. Plus, you can easily answer phone calls with your headphones’ built-in microphone or bounce between devices with Sony One Touch listening technology.

Best Headphones for Watching Action Movies 

MDR-XB950BT EXTRA BASS Bluetooth® Headphones

When you think of bass, your mind usually goes to rap or EDM music, but bass is crucial in movies too. And for all the action movie fans out there, bass is especially important (for a bass-heavy action movie experience, try “Thor,” “War of the Worlds” or “Jurassic Park”). To have the bass in your movies sound like it does in the theatre, we recommend Sony’s MDR-XB950BT EXTRA BASS Bluetooth® Headphones. These headphones come with Extra Bass technology, which combines powerful 1.57 inch neodymium drivers with Beat Response Control to deliver bass that will have your heart thumping through every epic scene. 

Best Headphones for Watching Movies On the Go

h.ear on Wireless NC headphones

There’s nothing worse than watching the best scene of a movie, only to be interrupted by a passing siren or barking dog. With noise-canceling headphones, you’ll be free to enjoy movies without any distracting noise (that’s right; no more rewinding to re-watch the part you couldn’t hear). Noise-canceling headphones don’t only eliminate ambient background noise, they’ll also improve the overall audio quality of your movies. According to CNET, having noise-canceling headphones will allow you to hear more detail in sound, so you’ll be able to hear movies’ more subtle sounds (like gunshots in the distance or waves crashing on the beach). We recommend the h.ear on Wireless NC headphones, which are equipped with High-Res Audio and digital noise-canceling technology to give you crystal clear sound. With LDAC technology developed by Sony, these headphones also deliver three times more data than conventional Bluetooth® Audio, allowing listeners to enjoy exceptional sound quality while watching any movie. 

From a classic Will Ferrell comedy to the newest “Fast and Furious” movie, bumping up your movies’ sound quality with a new pair of headphones will greatly enhance your movie-watching experience. So before your next movie night, make sure to have the popcorn popped and your headphones ready, so you can enjoy every movie in theatre-quality sound. 

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