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Graduation Gift Ideas

High-Resolution Audio gadgets for grads

Once the caps have been tossed and diplomas received, it’s time to celebrate the educational achievement of the graduate in your life with a gift that makes the grade. 

According to the National Retail Federation, the average person buying graduation gifts will spend more than $100 on their graduate. While many will choose to give the gift of cash, gift cards or apparel, electronics remain a popular choice for the tech-savvy graduates.

Graduation is a pivotal event. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in life – whether it’s starting a new career or officially moving out of the nest and creating a new home. Finding the perfect graduation gift to celebrate this momentous occasion isn’t as easy as 1,2,3. So to help, we’ve compiled some graduation gift ideas for the music devotee in your life. From a sleek and stylish Walkman® to a turntable with modern flair, these gifts for graduates are sure to help you rise to the top of the gift-giving class. 

A Gift for the Graduate Who’s Going Places 

h.ear on Wireless NC Headphones

Once your grad nails that first job interview, he or she will be looking to immerse themselves in their favorite music during early morning commutes and after-work sessions at the gym. The MDR-100ABN h.ear on Wireless NC headphones are the perfect graduation gift for those who are always on the move and seeking to add some portable entertainment to their daily grind.

Available in five vibrant colors, the Bluetooth and one-touch NFC capable device allows for wireless listening, free from the restraints of a headphone cable. Digital noise cancellation blocks out background noise, allowing for limited distractions during listening.

When finished listening, simply slip the headphones into an accompanying carrying case to protect them from scratches and knocks. 

A Gift for the Graduate with Style

NW-A20 Series Walkman®

If your graduate is chic and colorful, sporting the latest in trendsetting fashions and keeping an eye on what’s hot in the world of beauty and designer duds, consider a graduation gift that will accentuate that individuality and pair well with his or her new work wardrobe. The NW-A20 Series Walkman® comes in vibrant colors, sure to catch the eye of fashionistas and match any of their favorite outfits.

With its improved battery life and expendable storage capacity, this high-res Walkman® allows listeners to soak up every note and instrument found in their favorite music. And when it’s paired with the h.ear on Wireless NC Headphones, the sound quality is truly phenomenal. Multiple listening file formats, including High-Resolution, MP3, WAVV and AIF, among others, are supported, and DSEE HX technology restores compressed audio files to a level sonically closer to that of High-Resolution Audio.

To take this gift one step further, you can personalize the Walkman® by adding a graduation themed playlist before wrapping it all up with a bow. We recommend downloading high-res tracks like “Graduation Day” by the Beach Boys. The live stereo version will transport your graduate back to the original Beach Boys concert of 1964 in Sacramento, California. It’s a truly authentic experience. You’ll be able to pick up on every detail and nuance, from the feel-good harmonies to the screaming fans to the band’s impromptu peals of laughter. 

A Gift for the Graduate Who Loves Movies

HT-NT5 2.1ch Soundbar

Streaming has never sounded so clear, thanks to the HT-NT5 2.1 Soundbar with High-Resolution Audio/Wi-Fi. If your graduate is moving out and looking to create a space of their own, complete with theater-style surround sound, then this gift is the perfect choice. The graduate who is a fan of movie marathons, binge-watching favorite TV shows, hosting dance parties with friends, or conquering the latest video game will delight in the crisp High-Resolution Audio sound. 

Slim and sleek, the three-way speakers of this soundbar are driven by six discrete amplifiers. The specially designed upright tweeters and S-Master HX amplifiers provide deep and immersive audio, but their slim profile ensures that nothing gets in the way of listening, watching or entertaining.

Take the party to other rooms with wireless multi-room listening and S-Force PRO Front Surround sound that provides a cinematic audio experience. DSEE HX upscales music to high-resolution quality, giving your graduate the finest in audio enjoyment. 

A Gift for the Graduate with Groove

h.ear go wireless speaker 

Location shouldn’t limit your grad’s listening. With the SRS-HG1 h.ear go wireless speaker, audiophiles can take the fun of music with them wherever they go, including their first housewarming party. This portable speaker available in a rainbow of colors, is compact and lightweight, letting listeners enjoy their music any time and any place.

Graduates can download the SongPal app or connect to GoogleCast or Spotify to enable a full catalog of music wherever they go, and Extra Bass makes for deep, punchy bass sound tailor-made for dance music. 

With 12 hours of battery life and NFC one-touch for instant connectivity to a listener’s music library, graduates can access their favorite music anywhere they go. 

A Gift for the Old-school Graduate

The PS-HX500 turntable

According to Forbes, vinyl sales in the United States grew by 30 percent in 2015, with millennials making up a large chunk of this market. What’s old is new again, and if your graduate is an audiophile-in-the-making and enjoys all things vintage, whether spending the day perusing local thrift stores or enjoying entertainment from a long-gone era, you can be sure that this gift is just the right fit.

Graduates with an appreciation for old-school gear, especially those old records they discovered in their parents’ attic, will enjoy a modern turntable with a twist. The PS-HX500 turntable with High-Resolution audio recording allows listeners to enjoy their favorite new and old vinyl records direct from the turntable and convert these records to High-Resolution Audio for listening on the move with a device like the ZX2 High-Resolution Walkman®.

Connect the turntable to any USB port on a PC for easy file conversion with DSD High-Resolution Audio that captures the warmth of vinyl listening for digital fans. Lightweight and sleek, the turntable features an acoustic-grade MDF cabinet for accurate soundstage reproduction and an insulated structure to eliminate vibrations from racks and other peripherals. 

No matter where post-grad life takes your graduates, you’ll have the perfect gift to commemorate the occasion with them. Send them off into adulthood with style, and a gift they’re sure to enjoy for years to come. Just don’t forget the card. 

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