4 Heartfelt Anniversary Gifts

Music gadgets gift ideas for the love of your life on your anniversary

Giving your partner an anniversary gift that reflects just how wonderful and meaningful he or she is to you is a tall order. If you want your present to go above and beyond this year, try skipping the flowers and chocolates and splurge on something that your spouse can enjoy for years to come — the gift of music and memories. While we have always suspected that there is an association between music and memories, a 2009 study from University of California, Davis confirmed it. The study found that specific parts of the brain in the prefrontal cortex region linked to memories and emotions are activated when you listen to familiar music. This means that when you listen to songs that you heard years ago, they can trigger memories of a specific person or place.

This anniversary, why not give your partner a gift to take him or her down memory lane to the day you first met, the first song you danced to or the first date you shared. Playing “your song” on a brand new music gadget is sure to resurface the fond memories you two have shared over the years and allow you to create new ones. We’ve put together a list of anniversary gift ideas that are sure to remind your spouse just how much he or she means to you.

An Anniversary Gift for the Couple Who Loves to Dance to Old Records 

PS-HX500 Turntable

It’s time to dust off those old records in the attic and find that one special vinyl that you shared your first dance to. Whether your spouse grew up with records or he or she is an old soul and loves retro music gadgets, look no further than the PS-HX500 turntable for a great anniversary gift. This gadget is a blast from the past, but with a modern twist. It can play your old vinyl records like nobody’s business, but can also capture every aspect of your record collection with DSD native conversion. Simply hook up the turntable to your PC via USB and get ready to hear your favorite analog masterpieces in an entirely new way. 

The turntable is built with the latest technology to ensure stable rotation for optimal music playback, so you are sure to get the smoothest playback as the two of you listen to your favorite vinyl over a homemade anniversary dinner and a night of dancing in the living room. No matter how you choose to listen, this anniversary gift will have your spouse reminiscing on that first dance you two shared. 

An Anniversary Gift for the Couple Who Loves to Celebrate

h.ear go Wireless Speaker 

If you and your spouse first locked eyes at a party, consider giving him or her the h.ear go speaker as an anniversary gift. This wireless speaker can capture all of the magic and electricity from that first meeting when you replay the song that you heard as you first noticed your future spouse across the room. This 35 mm speaker is engineered to deliver the full range that High-Resolution Audio has to offer. From the richest lows, crisp mids and sparkling highs, the h.ear go speaker does it all. And if your spouse still loves being the life of the party, this compact speaker is easy to bring to any social gathering to liven things up. 

With this anniversary gift, your partner can also play his or her favorite party playlists from either Google Cast or Spotify. The h.ear go speaker can transition from a relaxed day gathering with friends to an evening party with its Extra Bass™ technology that’s tailor made for dance music. 

An Anniversary Gift for the Couple Who Loves to Hit the Open Road

RSX-GS9 In-Car Media Receiver

When you took that first road trip with your partner, it was a big deal. You got to really know each other, learn about each other’s taste in music and make memories that last a lifetime. The RSX-GS9 media receiver is the perfect anniversary gift to commemorate your first road trip and the journey you have been on together throughout your marriage. This media receiver will take your partner’s car’s sound system to the next level with DSD native playback and DSEE-HX upscaling to make the road trip playlist that you created all of those years ago sound better than ever. Either plug-in via USB port or stream instantly with Bluetooth® technology to gain instant access to his or her favorite songs. 

And if you both enjoy quality engineering, you’ll love the high-precision clock generator that works to improve digital-to-analog conversion accuracy. You two will be ready to hit the open road with this media receiver for your next romantic road trip together. 

An Anniversary Gift for the Couple Who Loves to Watch Movie Marathons

HT-NT5 Sound Bar

If your first date with your spouse was a movie, consider giving him or her the HT-NT5 sound bar as a gift for your anniversary this year. It’ll create that movie theater experience right in your living room, and bring back memories of reaching for the popcorn at the same time or holding hands during a scary part of the movie. This sound bar’s immersive virtual surround sound technology puts you both right in the middle of your favorite movie by emulating three-dimensional sound fields. And playback crystal clear sound with DSEE HX™ upscaling technology that restores the nuances of original recordings to make those famous movie soundtracks sound even more brilliant.

And if the two of you wish to expand your home theater setup in the future, this sound bar will make it a breeze. With three HDMI inputs, a USB input and optical digital and analog connections, there will be plenty of options to continue to build your dream home theater. If you want to truly make this anniversary a memorable one, try screening that first movie you enjoyed together, microwave some popcorn and sit back and remember that first date. 

Appreciate Each Other and the Music

This anniversary, soak in the love you two have for each other and your mutual love of music with these great anniversary gifts. And if you want to add a more sentimental touch, try writing a handmade love letter and putting together a handpicked playlist full of songs played during the most important moments in your life together. 

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