2016 Rio Summer Games 

A music playlist fit for champions

The countdown to the 2016 Summer Games in Rio has begun. Brazil is abuzz with celebrations of the Torch Relay, excitement has been trickling into homes across the globe and plans of throwing the most impressive viewing parties are brewing in the minds of many a party-planner. 

If you’re thinking about hosting a Rio Summer Games themed gathering of your own, you’ll want to curate a playlist of great music so there’s never a dull moment. To get the ball rolling, we’ve put together a music playlist of classic and current hits that will have your guests cheering all through the evening.

Songs to Set the Stage for the Summer Games

“Hall of Fame" 

Artist: The Script (ft. will.i.am)

The mark of a champion is a relentless thirst to pursue your dreams and press on through any challenge till you reach the top. Let this powerful message from this song reinforce your own as you watch the dreams of thousands come true at the 2016 Rio Summer Games.


Artist: Gavin DeGraw

Keep the fire burning as guests sip away on their sparkling beverages and indulge in all the delicious goodies you’ve set out for your Summer Games viewing party. After your guests finish feasting, DeGraw’s inspirational song creates the perfect ambience for your guests to settle into cozy spots in anticipation of the exciting opening ceremony gala. 

“Eye of the Tiger”

Artist: Survivor

Get the adrenaline in the room flowing with this classic anthem, which was written at the special request of Sylvester Stallone as the theme song for cult movie favorite, “Rocky III.” Just as this was the perfect soundtrack to highlight Rocky’s indomitable spirit, your guests will be super-charged for an action-packed evening when they hear this song at your Summer Games viewing party.

Songs to Play as the Summer Games Ceremony Begins 


Artist: Muse

It’s true that there’s no comparison to watching the 2016 Rio Summer Games in person at the Maracanã Stadium, but there’s something gratifying about sitting in the comfort of your home, surrounded by your favorite comrades, indulging in great food and being serenaded by High-Resolution Audio music as you watch the Summer Games opening ceremony. While you soak in the spectacle, and bask in all the excitement and energy from the evening, make sure you and your guests fortify yourselves with quick refills on your beverages and nibbles. Another inspirational number by Muse serves as the perfect soundtrack to feed your body, mind and soul.  

“We are the Champions”

Artist: Queen

The splendor and sheer grandeur of the opening ceremony is truly awe-inspiring and all the performers and aspiring athletes at this year’s Rio Summer Games are true champions. As the ceremony goes into a short commercial break, proclaim “We are the Champions” along with Queen’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury, and let the spirit of the ceremony get you pumped up for the 2016 Rio Summer Games. 

Songs to Wind the Evening Down


Artist: Celine Dion

Another splendid Summer Games opening ceremony comes to an end, and everyone is still rooted to their seats after such a spectacular show. As powerhouse songstress Celine Dion croons in the background with R&B sensation Ne-Yo, it’s time to fix a quick pot of coffee for your guests as they marvel over the whole evening with each other. Expect compliments on a wonderfully planned get-together as chatter continues over where the party will be headed next.

“Brazilian Nights”

Artist: Kenny G

Let Kenny G’s smooth jazz number from his latest album (aptly named “Brazilian Nights”) fill your home as your guests wrap up and bid a warm farewell till next time. 

Now that you have all the makings of the perfect Summer Games music playlist, make sure you get your hands on the h.ear go SRS-HG1 wireless speaker, the world’s smallest High-Resolution Audio portable wireless speaker. With a selection of vibrant colors, S-Master HXTM digital amp technology and DSEE HXTM, the crystal clear music quality will certainly be a star attraction at your party. 

So, now that you know what the essentials are, grab your shopping list and get ready to plan a memorable Summer Games-themed party. After all the fun’s been had and the food’s been polished off, you can count on memories from this evening warming your heart no matter when or where you are.

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