2016 Holiday Gifts for EDM Fans

The EDM speakers and headphones electronic music lovers want

It wouldn’t be the holidays without gifts, music, lights and dancing. But for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) fans, this means something a little different. Electronic music enthusiasts need deep bass, pulsing lights and the sounds of their favorite DJs to make their holidays merry and bright. Switch out those traditional Christmas songs for techno and dubstep versions of “Carol of the Bells” and “Jingle Bells,” and get ready to select the the best 2016 holiday gifts for your favorite EDM fan.

In addition to adding flair to holiday traditions, music is also at the top of people’s wish lists. In fact, audio equipment is among the top-selling electronics gifts around the holidays, accounting for 13 percent of the $8 billion in consumer electronics sales, according to research firm NPD Group. Headphone sales rose 14 percent and streaming speaker sales nearly quadrupled. The MDR-XB650BT headphones, GTK-XB7 speaker or SRS-XB3 portable speaker in a stocking or under the tree would be the perfect 2016 holiday gift that'll make any music lover giddy with the spirit of the season. 

Audio Gear is a Top Holiday Gift

Audio equipment accounted for 13 percent of the $8 billion in consumer electronics sales between Nov. 24 and Dec. 7. According to research firm NPD Group, headphone sales rose 14 percent, and streaming speaker sales nearly quadrupled.

A Holiday Gift for the EDM Festival Fan


Bring some joy, excitement and bass into the holiday season with this perfect gift– the MDR-XB650BT EXTRA BASS headphones. For EDM festival fans who won’t compromise on sound quality, these headphones feature Bass Booster technology to replicate the punchy, pulsing beats that you find at the biggest EDM festivals, delivering a tight bass response crafted especially for electronic music. EDM fans needing to fill time at a festival can simply throw on these headphones to get their heavy bass fix until the next DJ steps onstage.

As an added bonus, a built-in button and mic on these headphones allows EDM fans to take hands-free calls whenever they come through in order to meet up with friends between sets. They can also skip between their favorite DJs like Tiësto and Major Lazer with a flick of the finger — with no need to remove the headphones. With the MDR-XB650 headphones and a fully stocked electronic playlist, it’ll feel like Christmas every day. 

A Holiday Gift for the Budding DJ

GTK-XB7 and GTK-XB5 Home Audio Systems

Consider the GTK-XB7 as a holiday gift for EDM fans who are interested in making their own electronic mixes. Made to move anywhere, this high power home audio system features easy setup and instant NFC one-touch connection so that budding DJs can share their music and start the party wherever they want. A built-in sensor activates the top two tweeters automatically, so EDM fans can enjoy stereo sound from their speaker system whether it’s upright or horizontal. 

There’s nothing more festive than a speaker that features LED and strobe lights that can be set to match the beat of the music and the theme of the party. Used in combination with the DJ sound effects that can be found on the SongPal mobile app, the GTK-XB7 adds the gift of creativity and fun. And if one speaker simply isn’t enough to satisfy the needs of EDM fans, Party Chain allows them to connect multiple stereos in a chain for a higher sound output. For an even lighter weight and portable option, check out the GTK-XB5 speaker. Its conveniently-placed carry handles and light design make it even more convenient for your favorite DJ to take with them to every gig.

A Holiday Gift for the Party Planner

SRS-XB3 Wireless Speaker

The SRS-XB3 wireless speaker is the perfect holiday gift for EDM fans who love to throw dance parties with friends. The SRS-XB3 keeps the merry times going all year round with its water-resistant technology that allows EDM fans to take the speaker outside when the weather gets warmer without worrying about splashes. Its extended 24-hour battery life allows the party to continue from dusk until dawn without partygoers having to worry about recharging.

And just because this speaker is small, doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a powerful EXTRA BASS punch. Using a unique Sony digital signal processor, the EXTRA BASS technology of the SRS-XB3 enhances deep, punchy bass sounds. Seamless streaming allows EDM fans to use Bluetooth® or Near Field Communication to put on their holiday party playlist with a touch of a button. This wireless portable speaker will help party-planning EDM fans show off their passion for electronic music and dance the night away.

Whether your EDM fans like to listen to music alone, dance with friends or make their own mixes, there’s a perfect holiday gift that can help them enjoy their favorite electronic music in whatever way they choose. 

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