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X90L / X91BL | BRAVIA XR | Full Array LED | 4K Ultra HD | High Dynamic Range (HDR) | Smart TV (Google TV)

X90L Series

X90L Series

Designed with Eco-friendly features

BRAVIA™ combines high picture and sound quality and also cares about with initiatives that helping to reduce environmental impact, such as enabling the user to reduce using low energy consumption with the new ECO Dashboard TV App, reducing overall virgin plastic use of the TV chassis by approximately 60% and cutting package size by 15% and total weight by 12%.

Illustration of a couple watching TV with graphic elements showing sustainability initiatives

Save Energy with BRAVIA XR

X90L series are up to 40% more energy efficient when watching HDR content compared to the main TV competitors in the market0
Front view of X90L Series BRAVIA TV with stand

Optimising brightness and power consumption

Ambient light sensing optimises screen brightness to room conditions for efficient power usage. Every part of a picture is optimised based on the brightness of each image.
Illustration showing how ambient light sensing optimises brightness and power consumption

Auto Power Saving

With BRAVIA CAM™, Auto Power Saving Mode optimises your power consumption by darkening the screen automatically when you are not in front of the TV.0123
Illustration showing how Auto Power Saving automatically dims the screen when you are not in front of the TV

All your eco in one place

The Eco Dashboard keeps all eco-related settings in one place, making it easy to change them individually or in one go.
Image of the Eco Dashboard on a BRAVIA TV

Beautiful design. Made durable. With less virgin plastic. 

Sony-developed SORPLAS™ recycled plastics are used in our TVs to minimise virgin plastics by approximately 60%, maintain durability and achieve the beautiful high gloss black finish synonymous with BRAVIA™. What's more, our new packaging uses around 48% less plastic volume.0123
Illustration showing how water bottles and DVDs are turned into recycled plastics which are then used in BRAVIA TVs

Less packaging. Less CO2.

Our new packaging is 15% smaller and 12% lighter which optimises transport efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions by as much as 15%.0
Graphic of two lorries illustrating how reducing packaging helps cut CO2 emissions during transport