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Great cameras deserve the best lenses


Only Sony can create the best lenses for our cameras. All our lenses are packed with the best of our unique technologies; in a compact and lightweight form. Whatever your subject may be, you will always enjoy the incredibly high resolution and fast autofocus performance of our lenses. Discover how our unique technologies help to achieve your best.



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sony xd lens motors

Mastery in Miniaturisation : XD Linear Motors*

Unlike conventional motors with complicated structures, our unique XD Linear Motors have a direct linear motion with no mechanical parts or gears, with no friction, meaning huge acceleration speed, fast and ultra-precise motion, and totally silent to track your object.
sony xa lens element

Craftmanship in Micro Precision : Extreme Aspherical XA Elements**

0.01 micron precision on XA glass elements means we can achieve an extremely flat surface on the optics, allowing the highest resolution and precision across the entire image area, whilst achieving deep and smooth background defocus. This contributes to the unique photographic taste of Sony lenses.
sony one mount example

Perfection in Compatibility: One Mount for all Your Artistic Needs

For photography and videography, all our lenses are designed and crafted to give you the best, whatever your discipline. With more than 50 lenses in the Sony E-Mount Line Up, all our lenses are developed with the future in mind, so regardless of all new developments, your gear is fully ready.

* XD Linear motors available in selected Sony lenses
** Extreme Aspherical XA Elements available in selected Sony lenses


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