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Páll Stefansson

Páll Stefansson | Iceland

"My photography, a little bit like the wind, depends on which direction it’s blowing. Most of all, I like challenges, even small ones"

Born in North Iceland, based in Reykjavík, Páll Stefánsson has been practicing photography for more than 35 years. In 1982, he was hired as photographer for the magazine Iceland Review in Reykjavík, Iceland, and later moved on to also becoming picture editor and since 2009, chief editor of the magazine Iceland Review/Atlantica, the largest magazine in English in Iceland. Since 2018, Páll has been focusing on long term book projects. His work has appeared in many international publications, including Time, National Geographic, Newsweek, Geo, W, Sunday Times Magazine and the Observer Magazine, to name a few. Páll has been awarded Photographer of the Year in Iceland multiple times, among numerous international and domestic photography awards and he has published close to 40 books. With subjects like the light in Iceland and and the life in Africa in the book; Africa – The Future of Football, with a forward by Didier Drogba. He also published photo books about Finland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Sweden and Norway for the National Geography books in Germany. He is currently working on a big book about the Icelandic landscape, and the international refugee crises, in a book called SOS. His favourite focal length is 35mm, his favourite hobby is taking pictures, and likes bad winter weather, icy roads. His Sony cameras are always on Manual with Prime lenses.

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