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DV Camcorders

Hints & Tips

Important note : some of the described options in below tutorials might not be applicable to your specific model

Camcorder Features Flash Tutorials

  • Digital Recording Formats
  • 3 Mega Pixel CCD
  • Battery with Indicator
  • Color Slow Shutter
  • Hologram AF (Auto Focus) Camera
  • Hybrid LCD
  • LP Recording
  • MPEG AD Function
  • MPEG Movie AX

CyberShot Features Flash Tutorials

  • Smooth interval recording
  • 4 color Super HAD CCD with real Imaging Processor
  • Sharpness - Saturation - Contrast
  • Hologram AF (Auto Focus)
  • Multipoint AF (Auto Focus)
  • MPEG Movie HQX
  • MPEG Movie VX
  • Program Shift
  • Smart Zoom
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