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Android Marshmallow update on hold for Sony’s Android TV – 1 March 2017

We’ve decided to temporarily suspend the Android Marshmallow firmware update, both as an automatic and USB download. This is due to some technical issues that have arisen in the market, during our first initial wave of updates.

While we understand this is an eagerly anticipated update, our priority is to provide a consistent and smooth upgrade experience for all of our customers.

Our TV engineers are working tirelessly to resolve the technical challenges that revolve around producing this major update for the European market, and will restore the update as soon as possible. However, this means that we can’t hit our original roll-out schedule to all TVs by the 8th March.

We’ll update this page with more information as soon as possible. To stay informed and for easy access to this announcement, we recommend bookmarking it.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

NOTE: If you have already successfully upgraded your TV's software, you should not be concerned by this announcement.

Android Marshmallow OS on Sony’s Android TV – 22 February 2017

IMPORTANT: If Automatic software download setting is switched ON, you should receive the update between the 22nd February - 8th March.

  • After performing this update (on 2016 models*), you will need to re-pair your Voice command remote control to use the Voice search function!
  • Facing a reboot issue after the update? See our troubleshooting article
  • KDL-43W80xC, KDL-43W75xC only: Confronted with a Green/Amber blinking LED on start-up after the update? Contact us

"Android Marshmallow 6.0" is Google's successor to "Android Lollipop". This new update will start on the 22nd February and will gradually roll-out to all Internet connected TVs by the 8th March.

The update features:

  • A revamped Home screen; re-organising the apps and input shelves
  • The ability to use a USB or hard disk drive as additional memory to store apps and games
  • An improved and more intuitive help menu called "Smart Help"
  • And other user interface (UI) and performance improvements

The easiest way to receive this update is by ensuring that the Automatic software download setting on your TV is turned ON.

In the meantime, for more information about the new features and benefits of Android Marshmallow, select the "TV software update info" card located on the Featured Apps shelf on the HOME screen.

Sony always takes customer feedback into consideration, striving for innovation and overall product quality.

[Affected models]

2015 Android TV2015 Android TV2015 Android TV2016 Android TV*
  • KDL-43W755C
  • KDL-43W756C
  • KDL-43W805C
  • KDL-43W807C
  • KDL-43W808C
  • KDL-43W809C
  • KDL-50W755C
  • KDL-50W756C
  • KDL-50W805C
  • KDL-50W807C
  • KDL-50W808C
  • KDL-50W809C
  • KDL-55W755C
  • KDL-55W756C
  • KDL-55W805C
  • KDL-55W807C
  • KDL-55W808C
  • KDL-55W809C
  • KDL-65W855C
  • KDL-65W857C
  • KDL-65W858C
  • KDL-65W859C
  • KDL-75W855C
  • KD-55X9005C
  • KD-65X9005C
  • KD-75X9105C
  • KD-55S8505C
  • KD-65S8505C
  • KD-55S8005C
  • KD-65S8005C
  • KD-55X8505C
  • KD-55X8507C
  • KD-55X8508C
  • KD-55X8509C
  • KD-65X8505C
  • KD-65X8507C
  • KD-65X8508C
  • KD-65X8509C
  • KD-75X8505C
  • KD-43X8305C
  • KD-43X8307C
  • KD-43X8308C
  • KD-43X8309C
  • KD-49X8305C
  • KD-49X8307C
  • KD-49X8308C
  • KD-49X8309C
  • KD-49X8005C
  • KD-55X8005C
  • KD-55X9305C
  • KD-65X9305C
  • KD-75X9405C
  • KD-55XD9305
  • KD-65XD9305
  • KD-75XD9405
  • KD-55XD8505
  • KD-55XD8577
  • KD-55XD8588
  • KD-55XD8599
  • KD-65XD8505
  • KD-65XD8577
  • KD-65XD8599
  • KD-75XD8505
  • KD-85XD8505
  • KD-55SD8505
  • KD-65SD8505