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Discover PrimeSupport: our superb after sales support service that provides extra protection and peace of mind.

We give you peace of mind with three levels of service and support for Sony products. Once you are registered for PrimeSupport we will get you back up and running in next to no time in the unlikely event of having a problem.

You’re covered with PrimeSupport

Activate PrimeSupport for extra peace of mind with your new Sony professional AV product.


Register for PrimeSupport via your product purchase

Registering for non-AV PrimeSupport if you have a PrimeSupport contract attached to your product box.


PrimeSupport & PrimeSupport Plus

The schedule of services and Terms & conditions for the PrimeSupport (enhanced warranty services) and the PrimeSupport Plus (purchasable upgrades).


Contact us for Support

Contact us for more information on PrimeSupport and PrimeSupport Plus.