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4K Digital Cinema

Give audiences the ultimate entertainment experience with Sony 4K Digital Cinema. Enjoy stunning 2D or 3D picture quality in any size of cinema with industry-leading Sony 4K projectors. Streamline your cinema operations with Theatre Management Solutions. Make movies more inclusive with Entertainment Access Glasses for hearing and sight-impaired patrons. Drive fresh revenues with an exciting world of 4K alternative content.

Why go 4K with Sony Digital Cinema?

Going to the movies has never looked better. With Sony Digital Cinema you’ll enjoy pictures projected with detail-packed 4K quality.


4K Digital Cinema for Independent Cinemas

Give audiences something extra special with Sony 4K Digital Cinema for independent cinemas


4K Movie Releases

Rich in life-like detail and colour, experience movies like never before with Sony 4K. See how many amazing films are already available in 4K.


Cine Center expands its Bolivian footprint with six more Sony 4K screens

Bolivia’s leading movie theatre chain is strengthening its commitment to Sony 4K.


Event Cinema

Sports. Arts. Live concerts and cutting-edge comedy. Offer cinema audiences something different with an exciting choice of content.


Looking forward to laser projection

Laser projection promises fabulous image quality, longer service intervals and the potential to reduce cinemas’ operating costs.


The best pictures, today and tomorrow: Visions of cinema’s bright future with Sony 4K

Projection in Sony 4K has transformed the way we enjoy...