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Find out what XAVC is
and how it can transform
your workflow.

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XAVC is the new standard for image quality and flexibility - whether you’re making news, music promos or even 4K movies. Based on h.264, XAVC offers reduced bitrates and file sizes without sacrificing on-screen quality. It’s also extremely flexible and scalable, supporting pixel resolutions from low-res proxies right up to 4K.

Top ten reasons to like XAVC

An independent look at the real world benefits of Sony’s advanced new video format.


XAVC Workflow Guide

Download Sony’s official guide to getting the best out of XAVC, from recording on a camcorder, clip management, editing and archive. [5MB, PDF]


XAVC Products

Whatever your requirements, you’ll find a camcorder from Sony ideal for your creative ambitions, workflow needs and budget.


XAVC Partners

XAVC is an open format supported by over 70 leading A/V companies.


XAVC White Paper

Explore the advanced technology behind XAVC.


XAVC Software

Discover the wealth of Sony and third-party software supporting XAVC.


XAVC Resources

Additional information on the XAVC codec and workflow.