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For digital cinematography, Sony's CineAlta is our large format Super 35mm range with sensors that deliver precise control over depth of field and feature a wide choice of cinematic lenses. Our range of digital filmmaking solutions also encompass 4K and 3D cinematography.

The F65 — a visually superior camera!

Lucy, the latest film by Luc Besson, featuring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, will be released on 6 August and was filmed with the Sony F65.


Register for the latest Cinematography Courses

Sony’s new DMPCE at Pinewood Studios is offering courses and a meeting space for the film community. Find out More.


Shot with CineAlta

Discover the content created with CineAlta.


Behind the Scenes

Check out the latest issue of the CineAlta Magazine


The inside story on XAVC

XAVC recording format accelerates 4K development in the professional and consumer market


First impressions of the F55

One of the most anticipated cameras of recent years, the F55 is being used on its first batch of productions.


Widen your horizons

Increased creative potential on Digital Motion Picture Cameras F55 and F5.