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Full featured, energy-efficient portable XGA projector designed for the budget conscious educator.

  • Maximum 2700 lumens brightness with High, Standard and Low modes

    The VPL-EX225 features three brightness modes for your different uses – High for naturally white presentations in bright rooms, Standard for everyday use, and Low for video in darkened rooms.

  • 1.37-1.80:1 throw ratio

    The VPL-EX225 offers a throw ratio that accommodates the majority of installation replacements in all education environments.

  • 3-LCD BrightEra Technology

    Sony's 0.63 inch BrightEra inorganic TFT 3-LCD panels deliver improved panel light resistance, higher resolution, high brightness and increased panel reliability.

  • XGA Resolution

    The VPL-EX225 has a colour light output of 2700 ANSI lumens and with a native XGA (1024 x 768) 4:3 screen resolution panel is perfect for presentations direct from a laptop or PC.

  • 7000 hours Lamp Life

    New driving scheme reduces gap expansion that reduces brightness gradation and a new cooling system allows uniformity in the temperature of the glass bulb which prevents the glass from clouding.

  • Eco Mode Key

    Users can easily select power-saving Eco Modes. The most energy-efficient mode is accessible through a single button-push and further adjustments are available through an easily understood menu system.

  • ECO Lamp Dimming

    Reduce power consumption without user detection or after a user pre-set time, reduce brightness and power consumption up to 30% power usage for ultimate power eco savings.

  • Auto Dimming Mode

    Adjust brightness depending on picture, The darker the picture, the less energy used by the lamp.
    (Max 70% Lamp power reduction based on image).

  • ECO Picture Mute - (Instant off / Instant On)

    New Picture Mute reduces power consumption down to 30% power usage, saving cost and lamp hours. No need to power complete off and turn back on that does increase power consumption and time consuming.

  • Eco Gauge

    At time of projector shut down an ECO achievement indication (gauge) appears to show the user how well they have used their projector. The more Eco features used, the better the ECO green leaf mark. (Calculated by use of Eco Functions and actual lamp wattage)

  • Vertical Keystone Adjustment

    The projector can correct keystone distortion by +/- 30% for perfect installation adjustment to the smart board or screen. (Note that since this is an electronic correction, it will reduce the picture quality slightly).

  • Smart APA (Auto Pixel Alignment)

    When a computer is used as a picture source, APA automatically optimises Phase, Pitch and Shift values. These can also be adjusted manually.

  • Auto Input Search

    Auto Input Search detects which input has an incoming signal, and automatically switches to it. This makes it easier for users to set up the projector prior to making a presentation.

  • Picture Muting

    If the picture needs to be turned off, all it takes is a single button-press on the remote control. This will mute audio at the same time. There is also a separate “mute audio” button for audio-only muting.

  • Audio switcher facility

    To avoid the need for a separate audio switcher, the projector can be used to select between two audio sources, routing them via a variable audio output to the room amplification system.

  • Digital Zoom

    With Digital Zoom, if you are displaying a computer-sourced image, you can enlarge a selected area of the screen image up to four times.

  • Off and Go

    At the end of a presentation, you can turn off the power supply to the projector immediately, instead of going through a ‘power down’ cycle.

  • Direct Power On/Off

    With this function, there is no need to go through ‘Standby’ mode when powering up the projector. The projector can be set to activate as soon as power is applied.

  • Filter replaced at the same time as lamp

    The filter only needs to be changed when a new lamp is fitted, potentially halving disruption due to maintenance.

  • Multiple Picture Modes

    The VPL-EX225 has six picture modes (Dynamic, Standard, Game, Blackboard, Cinema and Presentation) that can be selected to suite the nature of the source material.

  • Built-in security measures

    The VPL-EX225 has a package of security measures, including password protection, and physical anti-theft anchor points.

Innovation for Education Brochure (933.9KB)

Innovation for Education Brochure (933.9KB)

E200 Series Brochure (312 KB)

E200 Series Brochure (312 KB)

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