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Sony's 4K data projector with ultra-high resolution and 5,500 ANSI lumens brightness

The SRX-T105 is an ultra-high-resolution data projector, specifically designed to meet the critical demands of visualisation, simulation and presentation applications.

It delivers a maximum brightness of 5, 500 ANSI lumens,. And its ultra-high-resolution imaging device provides extremely detailed images with a very small on-screen pixel size, negating the need for multi-projector systems with edge blending. Furthermore, it has a high contrast ratio of 2500:1, which reproduces supreme-quality images with rich and precise colour tones.

The SRX-T105 has inherited a range of convenient operating functions and a variety of optional lenses and interface boards from its predecessor models, the SRX-R110CE and SRX-S110SRX-R105CE and SRX-S105. But it also features wider tilting angles of +/- 90 degrees and a horizontal/vertical image-flip capability, which enhances installation flexibility. Furthermore, its newly developed DVI-D board accepts HDCP-compliant 1920 x 1080p and 1280 x 720p signals.

Delivering unique advantages in image precision, brightness and ease of use, the SRX-T105 offers a forward-looking solution for advanced image-display applications.

  • See more detail than ever

    Thanks to Sony's unique 4K SXRD panel, the SRX-T105 delivers an exceptionally high native resolution of 4096 x 2160 - which is four times greater than Full HD. As a result, images can be displayed on large screens in pure clarity, without any of the aberrations that are commonly seen with other projection technology.

  • Grow your audience

    With 5,500 lumens brightness, and a high contrast ratio of 2500:1, the SRX-T105 can project picture-perfect images onto large screens - such as in auditoriums and conference venues - making it the perfect solution for presenting to large audiences.

  • See it, believe it

    To help reproduce clear and accurate images, the SRX-T105 employs two 1 kW Xenon lamps that disperse a very flat and wide light spectrum. This achieves a wide colour range for rich colour tonal reproduction that will leave audiences astounded.

    The projector also features a Colour Space Conversion function and gamma curve options, which allow you to select your desired colour space and grayscale settings. This is particularly important for critical projection applications that need to comply with industry standards.

  • Present your way

    The SRX-T105 can easily be configured to suit the needs of your application thanks to a choice of lenses and interface boards.

    Five zoom lenses and a short-throw prime lens (for space-constrained locations) are available, designed to project high-resolution, high-contrast images with minimal chromatic aberration.

    The pre-installed HDCP DVI-D input accepts DVI-D signals and supports digital copy protection. Plus, a further three slots are available for the installation of optional boards. Users can select from single-, dual- and quad-screen modes and assign the appropriate signal board to each quadrant.

  • Install it your way, then take control

    With its horizontal/vertical image-flip capability and +/- 90 degrees vertical tilting angle, the SRX-T105 is more flexible than its predecessors and can be installed in several different ways, including as a rear-projection system.

    In addition, the new SRX Controller software allows easy set-up, and configuration via PC. This allows you to adjust a range of parameters - including input configuration and colour settings - on up to four separate projectors from the same PC.

Displays Product Guide

Displays Product Guide

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