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Vision Presenter

Interactive presentation solution

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Easily manage and display live video, PC files and web content in a variety of layouts for smarter presentations and interactive discussions

Vision Presenter is a breakthrough presentation solution that allows users to access numerous multimedia sources to create more exciting, interactive presentations and learning experiences. Multiple types of content can be managed, including live video, PowerPoint, web content, still images and movies. These can be displayed in a variety of layouts either on a 4K-resolution TV/projector screen or double-sized HD-resolution screen with blending projection. A maximum of five Full HD (1920 x 1080) videos can be played simultaneously. Control through a wireless mouse (such as Air Mouse) and Android or iOS tablet devices allows intuitive operation. It is also easy to control Sony’s SRG/BRC Series PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras supported by VISCA-over-IP protocol through the system.

  • Breakthrough presentation solution gives control of multiple sources of content

    Users can manage and display live video, PowerPoint, web content, still images and movies, easily, in a variety of layouts, to bring corporate meetings, university lectures or big events to life.

  • Flexible image layout

    The system provides a variety of pre-installed layout templates for both a 4K TV/projector screen and double-sized projector screen. Large screen resolutions as high as 3552 x 1200 can be displayed using multiple projectors with blending technology.

  • Easy to operate

    Multiple digital assets and live video signals can be simply managed with Air Mouse or tablet.

  • Control of Sony’s PTZ cameras

    Control the pan, tilt and zoom of Sony’s SRG/BRC Series PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras supported by VISCA-over-IP protocol.

  • Full system support from Sony

    As all elements in the Sony solution are from the same supplier, it ensures smooth and reliable operation and support.

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Datasheet : Vision Presenter

Datasheet : Vision Presenter

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Range Guide February 2017

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