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85” BRAVIA Professional 4K LED display with digital signage features

4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) - four times the quality of Full HD

With 16:9 4K resolution, the FWD-85X9600P produces over 8 megapixels (four times the resolution of Full HD) for an incredible level of depth, quality and realism. Ideal for business, retail and more, it offers all the technological performance you’d expect from BRAVIA, plus its ultra-slim design looks stunning in any professional environment.

Standard mountings and straightforward operation means the FWD-85X9600P integrates easily into your environment. And it’s packed with convenient features. Hotel Mode allows you to customise and copy your settings from display to display via USB memory, while NFC one-touch mirroring means you can view videos, photos and apps directly from your smartphone.

Each display includes USB playback, including 4K content, IP control, RS232C control (with optional accessory CBX-H11/1) and web-friendly HTML5 for easy digital signage creation.

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Datasheet : BRAVIA TDM Digital Signage (EN)

Datasheet : BRAVIA TDM Digital Signage (EN)

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