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High-end 3G / HD / SD switcher

Powerful production switcher upgrades from SD to HD

The MVS 7000X is available for SD, HD or 1080/50P (3G) production and a simple software upgrade will allow the user to switch between these modes. Powerful features include up to 6 ME operation with up to eight high-performance keyers per full ME bus (only four in 6ME mode), 8 channels of format conversion, with frame synchronisation support and two channels of multi-viewer output. An internal two or four channel DME processor can also be installed offering visual effects of superb quality, equivalent to those of the external MVE-9000 processor.

  • Shares common architecture with the MVS family

    The MVS-7000X is the latest model in the MVS family of production switchers. Due to their common architecture, the MVS-7000X shares the same control panels and peripherals as the rest of the MVS family, meaning that a customer wishing to upgrade to the latest processor can utilise their existing infrastructure. With innovative operability, brilliant performance, and system flexibility, the MVS-7000X is set to inspire creativity in a wide range of multi-format production applications.

  • Switcher Processors Option
    Multi-format Switcher Processor

    MKS-8110X - 20 Input Board
    MKS-8160X - Output Board Set
    MKS-8440X - Frame Memory Board
    MKS-8450X - Format Converter Board
    MKS-7171X - DME - Interface Board Set
    MKS-7210X - Mix/Effect Board
    MKS-7470X - DME Board Set
    MKS-7471X - Additional DME Board
    HK-PSU05 - Power Supply Unit
    BZS-7200X - Multi-program 2 Software
    BZS-7420X - Color Corrector Software
    BZS-7560X - Switcher Upgrade Software
    BZS-7561X - DME Upgrade Software
    BZS-7500X - Switcher Upgrade Software
    BZS-7510X - Switcher Upgrade Software
    BZS-7520X - Switcher Upgrade Software (Upgrade SD to Multi Format for 2nd Mix Board)
    BZS-7530X - Switcher Upgrade Software(Upgrade SD to Multi Format for 3rd Mix Board)
    BZS-7540X - Switcher Upgrade Software(Upgrade SD to Multi Format for 1st DME Board)
    BZS-7541X - Switcher Upgrade Software(Upgrade SD to Multi Format for 2nd DME Board)

  • Switcher Control Panel
    CCP-8000 Series

    MKS-8017A - 32 XPT Module
    MKS-8013A - 32 AUX BUS Module
    MKS-8018A - 24 XPT Module
    MKS-8014A - 24 AUX BUS Module
    MKS-8019A - 16 XPT Module
    MKS-8015A - 16 AUX BUS Module
    MKS-8020A - Standard Transition Module
    MKS-8021A - Simple Transition Right Module
    MKS-8021ASC - Simple Transition Compact R Module
    MKS-8022A - Simple Transition Left Module
    MKS-8022ASC - Simple Transition Compact L Module
    MKS-8023AB - Compact Key Transition Module
    MKS-8027A - Compact Transition Right Module
    MKS-8028A - Compact Transition Left Module
    MKS-8026A - 10-Key PAD Module
    MKS-8030A - Key Frame Module
    MKS-8031ATB - Track Ball Module
    MKS-8031AJS - Joystick Module
    MKS-8036A - Device Control Module
    MKS-8025MS - Memory Stick™/USB Module
    MKS-8011A - Menu Panel
    MKS-8032A - DSK Fader Module
    MKS-8033A - Utility/Shot Box Module
    MKS-8035A - Key Control Module
    MKS-8024A - Flexi-Pad Module
    MKS-8034AD - DSK/FTB Module
    MKS-8034AFB - FTB Module
    MKS-8041 - Blank Panel (1/2)
    MKS-8040 - Blank Panel (1/3)
    MKS-8042 - Blank Panel (1/6)
    MKS-8010B - System Control Unit
    HK-PSU02 - Backup Power Supply Unit
    SWC-5002 - Panel Cable
    SWC-5005 - Panel Cable
    SWC-5010 - Panel Cable
    MKS-8075A - Extension Adaptor
    MKS-8076 - Memory Card USB Adaptor

  • CCP-6000 Series

    CCP-6324 - 3 M/E Control Panel (24 XPT)
    CCP-6224 - 2 M/E Control Panel (24 XPT)

  • CCP-9000 Series

    MKS-9012A - 2 M/E Control Panel (12 XPT)
    MKS-9011A - 1 M/E Control Panel (12 XPT)

  • Remote Panel

    MKS-8080 - AUX BUS Remote Panel
    MKS-8082 - AUX BUS Remote Panel
    UCP-8060 - Universal Control Panel

  • DME Processor

    MVE-8000A - Multi-Format DME Processor
    MKE-8020A - MVS Interface Board
    MKE-8021A - Input/Output Board (for SDI)
    MKE-8040A - Effects Board (2CH)
    HK-PSU02 - Power Supply Unit
    BZDM-8560 - DME Upgrade Software (1080p/59.94,50, Dual-link, 3D)

  • Plug-in Editor

    BZS-8050 - Editing Control Software
    MKS-8050 - Editing Keyboard
    MKS-2050 - Editing Keyboard

  • Device Control Unit

    MKS-8700 - Device Control Unit
    MKS-8701 - Tally/GPI Output Board
    MKS-8702 - Serial Interface Board
    MKS-2700 - Device Control Unit
    HK-PSU01 - Backup Power Supply Unit

  • System Management Software

    BZPS-8000 - System Management Software
    BZPS-8000L - System Management Software (Standalone type)
    BZPS-8001 - Switcher Setup Software
    BZPS-8002 - PFV-SP Setup Software

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User Guide for: MVS-8000X, MVS-7000X with ICP-X7000 Control Panel

User Guide for: MVS-8000X, MVS-7000X with ICP-X7000 Control Panel

Enhanced cover with specialist Service & Support

Enhanced cover with specialist Service & Support

Switcher glossary

Switcher glossary

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