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Small lightweight monochrome analog infrared sensitive machine vision video camera (near-infrared 1/3” EIA)

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Small size. Big performance.

The XC-EI50/CE and XC-EI30/CE incorporate the latest 1/2 type and 1/3 type Interline (IT) CCD with near-infrared sensitivity. Sony surface mount technology results in an ultra compact, rugged unit that provides high quality images.
IR lighting has become very popular in machine vision applications. When used with an IR LED illuminator, these cameras can capture clear images because of their sensitivity at infrared wavelengths. In addition the XC-EI Series camera modules have high overall sensitivity. This makes them suitable for low light environments as well as for special IR lighting conditions.
A single standard 12-pin connector provides control of input/output signals as well as power.
The recommended camera adaptor for these units is the compact and lightweight DC-700/CE.

  • Open-up new possibilities

    Process control and inspection applications that could not be done because of size and weight limitations now can. These cameras can provide an economical alternative for most remote camera-head applications. Mounted on fast moving machine parts these cameras no longer restrict machine performance and offer a competitive edge to OEMs.

  • Versatile

    The XC-ES and XC-EI Series offer high sensitivity using 1/2" and 1/3" IT CCD with HAD technology, flexible trigger shutter function (including simple trigger with internally generated VD) and many other features. When used with an IR LED illuminator, the XC-EI50/CE and XC-EI30/CE can capture images in very low light environments and/or easily detect features that are more distinguishable in IR illumination.

  • Easy to install and operate

    The compact size makes these cameras very easy to install in tight places. All camera control switches are accessible from the outside of the camera. Industry standard C-mount, one cable solution (EIAJ standard) for signal and power, easy interchange between modules, low power consumption that generates less heat and full compliance with EU CE/EMC regulations make these cameras very easy to apply.

  • Reliable

    The XC-ES and XC-EI Series offer excellent vibration and shock characteristics ( 10G (20 ~ 200 Hz) and 70G ) and a very impressive MTBF of 125,000 hours.