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The Complete Solution for a Collaborative Network Editing Environment

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Built to generate bigger returns for your business.

HDXchange makes it quicker and easier to get great-looking content ready for a wide range of play-out platforms - from conventional broadcast, tape and DVD to the web, IPTV and mobile devices. It’s designed to simplify today’s collaborative workflows and is a powerful, scalable platform built on widely recognised open industry standards - so you're not locked into proprietary acquisition formats or media. HDXchange is also agnostic to the type of NLE editing system that can be used directly on the system – minimising re-training requirements.

A key advantage of HDXchange Version 5 is its expansion of the range of ingest content to include almost any video, audio, graphic and document format, providing a robust and easy-to-use Media Asset Management (MAM) solution. MAM used to be viewed as a requirement for only the largest broadcast installations, however in today’s 24/7 world with multiple distribution platforms, including the web, the ability of content creators to quickly access valuable assets is a critical advantage for most businesses.

At the heart of HDXchange is a rugged, fully RAID protected central server, managed by a resilient database. A simple management GUI allows administrators to create and manage individual users or powerful workgroups who can seamlessly collaborate together on shared projects. As your storage needs grow, HDXchange can scale with you by adding additional disk based storage for online processes or a near line solutions such as a tape-based archive system like Sony’s PetaSite.

  • Quick and easy set-up

    HDXchange is delivered as a complete working solution. All included applications are pre-installed on server. Once the client workstations log onto the server, the applications are automatically available from the desktop.

  • Protect your investment

    Seamless integration with highly scalable archive systems provides the ability to manage and protect hundreds of thousands of hours of media. Online storage can be dynamically expanded at anytime to keep your valuable content secure.

  • Minimise training costs

    Select the NLE production tool best suited to the knowledge and experience of your staff. This reduces re-training costs as well as offering future flexibility.

  • Reduce operating costs

    HDXchange’s powerful Media Management Tool makes it easy to manage media from ingest through to output and archive in a single user-friendly operating environment.

  • Powerful Media Management Tool

    Reduce operating cost by managing media from ingest through to output and archive in a single easy to use operating environment.

  • XDCAM Workflow

    HDXchange gives immediate access to the workflow benefits of the XDCAM family of file based productions systems.

  • Multi-format

    Work in the format best suited to your workflow whether it's SD or HD. Support for HDV, DVCAM, DV25, XDCAM/ XDCAM HD and the new XDCAM EX*. Also supports MXF, AVI and QuickTime file formats.