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MPEG IMX Digital Camcorder, 50Mb/s MPEG-2 data compression, 4:3/16:9 switchable

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MPEG IMX is an established family of tape and disk-based products from Sony for the production, playout and storage of programme material at up to 50Mb/s MPEG-2. Programme makers around the world are using MPEG IMX for very high quality standard definition programming, and where combined AV and IT networked operation is also required.

The MSW-970P is the latest addition to the MPEG IMX line-up, and the latest in a long line of broadcast camcorders from Sony. This second generation MPEG IMX camcorder is widescreen switchable and uses a new generation of Power HAD EX™ CCDs to guarantee exceptional picture quality. Familiar ergonomics, robust construction and reliable operation are key features of the MSW-970P. The ability to select between 50i (interlaced) and 25P (progressive) recording provides additional creativity to the production team, allowing the optimum picture "look" to be selected for each production.

  • The picture quality you need for the most demanding programme productions

    MPEG-2 4:2:2P@ML data compression at 50Mb/s intra-frame is used for recording and replay of pictures. This compression standard has been recognised by the European Broadcast Union (EBU) as one of the technologies upon which networked broadcast systems should be built. Not only does it offer superb picture quality, but it also provides great multi-generation performance. That's why MPEG IMX products are in use today for programmes such as drama, natural history, news and sport.

  • Widescreen operation for future-proof acquisition

    With widescreen production now the norm rather than the exception, the ability to record 16:9 pictures ensures a long shelf life for your programme.

  • Peace of mind even in the toughest environments

    Sony has an unrivalled track record in the manufacture of camcorders for broadcast production. The same meticulous design techniques have been applied to the MSW-970P, guaranteeing a great combination of performance, ease-of-use and reliability

  • Familiar operation for minimum re-training

    Retraining technical and operational people can be a time-consuming business. The operational and mechanical design of the MSW-970P have been derived from existing camcorders such as Digital Betacam, and will be familiar to your technical and creative colleagues.

  • Unlimited opportunities for networked operation

    The MSW-970P records pictures that comply with the SMPTE D-10 industry standard. The MPEG IMX based e-VTR and the Sony XDCAM Professional Disc system also comply with D-10, as do a growing number of non-linear editing and server devices from a wide range of manufacturers. Pictures recorded on tape by the MSW-970P can therefore be used within networked environments for applications where rapid editing and playout are required.

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