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Three 2/3-inch CCD sensors with B4 lens mount CineAlta camera

  • Full 4:4:4 1920 x 1080 RGB acquisition

    Three 2.2 megabit 2/3-inch type progressive CCD imagers and a 14-bit A/D converter supporting 1080/23.98P, 24P, 25P, 29.97P, 50P, 59.94P, 50i and 59.94i formats.

  • Variable capture and record speeds

    When used with a HDCAM SR VTR, the new camera system can capture and record variable speed images from 1P to 60P (1P to 30 FPS at 4:4:4 and 1P to 60 FPS at 4:2:2) at the full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. This allows for quick- or slow-motion functionality, also known as 'undercranking' or 'overcranking' to produce special motion effects commonly used in high-end production. These variable speed images can be played back by HDCAM SR VTRs immediately after shooting with no processing at all.

  • Film Camera Accessory Compatibility

    In order to be "film user-friendly" the camera body is compatible with a variety of film camera accessories, including bridge plates, matte boxes and follow focus units. These can be attached to the unit without modification.

  • Reliability

    For increased durability and reliability, and to withstand the numerous lens changes that often happen on location, the F23 system uses a harder material for its lens mount (B4 type).

  • Familiar and intuitive user interface

    The F23's control surface layout, indicators and menu system were designed to give film camera users a familiar and intuitive user interface. In addition, CvpFileEditor software (for Windows® PC) enables precise, user-friendly control of gamma settings which can be uploaded to the F23 using Memory Stick.

  • Remote Control Function

    Users can operate the system with the supplied 'Assistant Panel' remote controller. This device connects to the camera with a single cable and allows users to remotely execute basic camera and VTR operations, such as REC/STOP, changing frame rates and shutter angle.

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F35 & F23 Digital Cinematography Camera Brochure

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