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April 17, 2011

Protect yourself by buying from an authorised dealer

End-customers buying Sony Professional products from Sony’s authorised dealers may do so safe in the knowledge that they are buying genuine Sony products.

Purchases made from such sources are backed up by the knowledge and expertise offered by Sony’s network of accredited dealers, and by Sony’s industry-leading Prime Support service.

Unfortunately, not all Sony Professional products sold in Europe are put on the market by dealers authorised to do so. We are aware that there are some disreputable (non-accredited) traders who buy Sony products in other parts of the World, import them into Europe, and sell them to end-customers here. End-customers buying such “unauthorised imports” from these sources will not benefit from authorised dealers’ expertise, and may not be able to rely on the Prime Support service.

This is damaging to our valued authorised dealers, our end-customers and to Sony. Sony is aware of this problem and is taking robust steps to address it. Unauthorised importing of Sony product into the European Economic Area is illegal and is an infringement of Sony’s rights as owner of the SONY trademark. Sony has identified a number of companies who were suspected of unauthorised imports. Our, lawyers then wrote to each of the offenders, providing evidence of their illegal activity gathered during our investigation and requiring them to cease all such activity or face legal action. We are very pleased to report that all companies have agreed and/or given legal undertakings to cease and desist future unauthorised activity of this nature.

Sony will continue to defend the interests of its authorised dealers and end-customers and will ensure that they can rely upon the high quality of products, advice and service that they have come to expect from Sony’s Professional products.