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See the light: Sony’s HPM lamp array breakthrough

Inside our acclaimed SRX-R515P digital cinema projector is an innovative High Pressure Mercury (HPM) lamp array. It’s easy to handle and more resilient than conventional Xenon light sources, without compromising superb colour accuracy and stability. Read our new white paper and discover the technology behind a very bright idea.

See the light: Sony’s HPM lamp array breakthrough

A new era in quality, reliability and cost-efficiency

Introduced in 2012, the SRX-R515P is Sony’s fifth-generation 4K digital projection system. Delivering four times the image resolution of 2K projection systems, it also offers an average contrast ratio of 8,000:1 – currently the highest in the cinema industry.

Bringing the benefits of 4K picture quality to smaller and medium-sized theatres, the projector’s groundbreaking design enables significantly reduced ownership costs for cinema exhibitors.

The SRX-R515 is the world’s first fully DCI compliant 4K digital cinema projector to use an array of six High Pressure Mercury (HPM) lamps. Trusted for many years in other projection applications because of their compact size, lower cost and high light output, these lamps are new to the digital cinema market place.

Our new white paper discusses how this advanced HPM lamp array is deployed in the acclaimed SRX-R515P to deliver stunning 4K images plus extra benefits for cinema operators. 

Discover more about the benefits of Sony’s ground-breaking HPM lamp array.

Download the High Pressure Mercury Lamp white paper