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Media Navigator: Go with the workflow

Manage all your precious content assets. Quickly. Easily. And for less than you’d expect.

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Your content’s valuable. Maximising its potential is priceless

Media Navigator is the powerful, affordable asset management solution that’s a perfect fit for today’s smaller and medium sized production environments.

Media Navigator orchestrates all phases of your content workflow – from ingest, catalogue and editing to review, approvals, distribution and archive.

Uniquely flexible and effortlessly scalable, it’s ideal for single-seat users and larger workgroups alike. Better still, Media Navigator offers top-flight performance at a fraction the cost of other less capable Media Asset Management (MAM) solutions.

Calling all content creators! Don’t miss our Media Navigator webinar on Thursday 3rd December at 10.00 GMT (11.00 CET). You’ll learn all about this flexible, scalable asset management solution that’s great for small workgroups with big ideas.

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Seamless Integration

Media Navigator plays nicely with today’s favourite production tools. It integrates directly at an API level with industry leading NLEs. And it’s also a perfect match for Sony’s Ci cloud-based collaborative environment and Catalyst suite of media preparation tools.


Media Navigator scales beautifully, giving you the agility and control you need today with room to grow. Whether you’re a one-man band or a mid-sized production house with 50 seats, Media Navigator delivers an impressive price-to-performance ratio that outpaces other leading MAM solutions.

Customise & Build

Media Navigator works the way you do. Pick from a wide range of ready-rolled workflow templates to suit different organisations, industries and business processes. Or create and fine-tune your own custom workflows with a simple wizard – and no special programming know-how needed.


Forget about steep learning curves. Focus on the creative and commercial objectives of your business. Installation’s a breeze: with Media Navigator you’re up and running in minutes.

Custom Media Processing (CMP)

Having to be an IT expert to create customised workflows is a thing of the past with Media Navigator. The flexible and easy to use CMP will allow you to configure your own workflows for your own unique needs.

CMP will allow you to create virtually any import or export profile, following your own criteria. They can be automatically or manually triggered.

Media Navigator is also able to decode and encode most of popular formats including Pro-Res, DNX, mxf , mov, … in all its flavour from SD up to 4K. Extra Transcoding services can be added for system scalability