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It’s all here – and you don’t even have to leave your sofa. There’s always something to watch with the Sony Entertainment Network. Find the latest catch-up TV, movies, music and apps and see it all on the lifelike picture of a BRAVIA TV. It’s just a click away.

Stream TV shows with the Sony Entertainment Network

All your box sets in one place

Missed an episode of Games of Thrones or Homeland – maybe a whole series? Sony Entertainment Network has them all. Whether it’s catch-up TV or something brand new, everything you stream will appear sharp and refined thanks to X-Reality PRO. So there’s no trawling the web and no fuzzy picture.

Sony Entertainment Network offers 2D and 3D films

Epic movies, epic picture

Bust out the popcorn and get comfortable, there are thousands of movies to choose from with the Sony Entertainment Network. Browse Netflix, LOVEFiLM and Video Unlimited for the latest HD and 3D action. Whether you’re a Bond fan or partial to Bridget Jones, there’s something for everyone.

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Listen to music on the Sony Entertainment Network

Expand your music library

Fancy hearing the new Lady Gaga track or a classic from Johnny Cash? Connect to Music Unlimited and explore millions of songs from current chart toppers to old school favourites. Explore dozens of ad-free radio channels too. You set the tone, relax in your space or shift gears to start the party.

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Get social with the Sony Entertainment Network

Keep in touch with friends

Why not watch your favourite TV show and chat at the same time? Not only can you share your favourite videos on YouTube™, you can catch up with friends on Facebook®, update your Twitter™ status and make video or voice calls on Skype™. Discuss that latest cliff hanger without missing any of the action.

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You’d be surprised at what’s at your fingertips. Get online and stream the latest movies and catch-up TV in crisp, lifelike detail.

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Your movie collection just got bigger. Watch hundreds of Full HD and 3D movies on-demand from your Blu-Ray Disc™ or DVD player.

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