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Hi-Fi systems from Sony


Precise, clear sound and beautiful design are the hallmarks of Hi-Fi systems from Sony. And whether you choose a micro system, a mini system, or a portable, you’ll discover a host of other benefits, from DAB radio* to multi-room technology.

Compact and stylish micro Hi-Fi systems
Powerful mini Hi-Fi systems
Portable Hi-Fi systems and DAB radios*

Micro systems

Compact and stylish, our micro Hi-Fi systems are packed with clever features, from MP3 compatibility to wireless streaming.

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Mini systems

We may call these Hi-Fi systems mini but they produce big, powerful sound. And their striking looks make them an eye-catching addition to your living room.

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Portable systems

From portable CD players to DAB radios*, our easy-to-carry systems combine go-anywhere convenience with excellent audio quality.

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Hi-Fi accessories for Hi-Fi systems from Sony

Why choose a Hi-Fi from Sony?

Our Hi-Fi systems don’t just sound and look beautiful, they let you play MP3s, listen to DAB* and Internet radio, and much more.

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Accessories for your Hi-Fi

Get more out of your Hi-Fi system with our range of accessories, including high-quality cables, multi-room adapters, and home entertainment headphones.

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Other ways to listen to music with Sony

Love listening to music? Then consider these home audio alternatives.

Docking stations for iPod
Hi-Fi separates from Sony
Use a Blu-ray Disc™ Player as your home audio Hi-Fi system

Docks for iPod

Hear your favourite iTunes playlists in superior sound quality from Sony**.

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Hi-Fi separates

For all you audio aficionados, the chance to build your ultimate music system.

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Blu-ray Disc™ Players

Fancy music instead of a movie? Blu-ray Disc™ Players double up as high-quality CD players.

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* DAB radio is only broadcast in certain countries
** Not all products are available in all markets