GPS cameras and GPS camcorders


When your adventures take you around the world, track your travels and relive the good times with a GPS camera or GPS camcorder.

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Relive your journeys with a GPS camera or GPS camcorder

See where you’ve been

With built-in GPS, your camera or camcorder will automatically geo-tag everything you shoot. When you get home, relive your travels on exciting online maps that link your photos and videos to the landscape they capture.

A GPS camera or GPS camcorder makes holidays even better

On the road, in your home

Keep tabs on your trips with a Cyber-shot™ camera featuring built-in GPS. You can see your position on your screen as you travel using GPS with Compass. Then when you’re back home check out where you’ve been with online maps from PlayMemories – it lets you navigate the globe to see tagged photos from every location you’ve been.

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A camcorder with GPS makes your footage more special

Film on location

Secluded beaches. Ruins in the jungle. Surprising street scenes. With built-in GPS and geotagging, your Handycam® camcorder records your location so you can see where you are on your screen. When you’re back home, it helps you know exactly when and where you shot the stuff that made your adventures special. And that means it’s easier than ever to relive the memories.

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Cyber-shot™ GPS cameras
Handycam® GPS camcorders
GPS cameras with interchangeable lenses

Cyber-shot™ digital cameras

See every detail and catch every moment. Choose one of our Cyber-shot™ models with GPS and bring beautiful images and Full HD video to life.

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Handycam® camcorders

Catch the moments that make life beautiful. Clarity, precision, detail – it’s what the Full HD Handycam® GPS models were made for.

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Interchangeable lens cameras

With interchangeable lenses for all types of photography, you can always get the shot you want – and remember where you were too with one of our GPS cameras.

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