TV eco features


Our TV range is the evolution of years of eco-conscious innovation. From power saving TV technology to energy efficient production processes, our TVs are designed to be as eco conscious as possible.

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BRAVIA energy-saving tip: Switch off connected devices

Energy-saving TV features

We’ve brought together a range of energy-efficient eco-features to help you cut TV energy consumption and save on household bills – all easily accessed from ‘eco settings’ on the TV menu.

Our TVs also show clear energy labelling so you can instantly see and compare the energy efficiency of similar TVs before you decide what to buy. Energy labels are alphabetical ratings that range from 'A' (most efficient) to 'G' (least efficient). The vast majority of TVs from Sony have an energy rating of either A or B and there are no lower ratings than C.

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Find out the eco parts and packaging in a TV from Sony

How we make our TVs

Discover some of the ways we’re working to make TVs from Sony more energy efficient and kinder to the planet. Find out how our TVs are made using eco-conscious processes.

Discover how we make TVs

What’s in our TVs?

From parts to performance, we’ve applied our advanced technology to make our TVs more eco-conscious. Discover the parts and packaging which go into making a TV.

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VAIO eco features

We’ve applied our advanced technology to make VAIO laptops more eco-conscious, from parts to performance.

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Other eco products

See other Sony products which are more energy efficient, use recycled materials and are designed to help you save energy.

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