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Before buying a product find out what the company behind it stands for. Is it making efforts to be more sustainable or contribute to creating a better world? At Sony we believe that innovations and technology can be part of the solution to climate change issues and bring a positive contribution to the environment and communities around the world.

Reducing carbon emissions

Reducing carbon emissions

We measure the green credentials of our products at every stage of development. By quantifying the impact of the materials we use and our production processes, emissions from transportation and power consumption, we’ve identified priorities and set clear targets to help protect the planet and its resources. The result is our vision for minimising the environmental impact of our operations and products. We call it ‘Road to Zero’.

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Solving environmental challenges

Solving environmental challenges

We support sustainability initiatives that could benefit from using our technologies and products for environmental gain. Open Planet Ideas encouraged like-minded people to share and grow eco ideas using an online platform. For the Forest Guard project, Sony engineers helped six children in California to develop technology to prevent devastating forest fires.

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Supporting communities worldwide

Supporting communities worldwide

We support several initiatives that help people develop in their communities. Our partnerships with streetfootballworld, UNICEF and Save The Children, to name a few examples, help make a difference in children’s rights and education, environmental protection and more, all around the world.

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Investing in the future

Investing in the future

We’re developing products and technologies which are more energy efficient and minimise impact on the environment. We hope our eco innovations and product concepts could play a part in helping to save energy in the future.

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Save energy, save money

Check out our energy saving tips for reducing power consumption and saving money.

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Check TV energy labels

Check the EU Energy Label and find out which TVs use less energy, whether you’re shopping in store or online.

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Choose eco products

Find out about what goes into a product, the materials used and its impact on the environment.

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