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4K Ultra HD TV. You have to experience it for yourself. Remember your first visit to the cinema? The action just draws you in. See for yourself at your nearest store..

Four times the detail of Full HD

4K Ultra HD delivers depth and clarity you’ve never seen before on a TV screen. With four times the detail of Full HD – that’s a resolution of 8 million pixels – the picture is so smooth it makes everything appear more lifelike.

Convert your world into 4K today

Turn on a 4K Ultra HD TV and you’ll see the difference. From online videos to Blu-ray Disc™ movies, a 4K X-Reality PRO chip inside the TV refines and sharpens every image on your screen. Each detail is taken beyond Full HD and brought closer to 4K picture quality. See all 4K TV's

The complete experience

The beauty is in the detail. Take a look at our X9 4K Ultra HD TV. We leave nothing to chance – from the colours you see to the sound you hear. Everything about our 4K experience is designed to be totally immersive.

Colours that come alive with Triluminos display

Experience the widest spectrum of colours ever seen on a TV. They’re not only new colours, but true colours – like hard-to-reproduce reds, greens, and blues – for shades exactly as they appear in the real world.

Hear more, feel more with Magnetic Fluid speakers

Using technology developed for the NASA space program, slim Magnetic Fluid speakers – unique to Sony - ensure clear, powerful audio. From whispered dialogue to booming explosions, everything you hear is pure, natural sound.

Leading the 4K revolution

Pioneering TVs, projectors, video cameras and more with 4K functionality – Sony are changing the way the world is captured on film. We’ve teamed up with fashion designer, Paul Smith, rock band, Muse, and covered the Confederation Cup, shooting in unprecedented 4K detail. Every kick, every seam and every face in the crowd is delivered in four times the detail, making it more faithful, richer and lifelike than Full HD. And don’t forget to watch the latest Sony 4K TV commercial and behind the scenes clip of how it was made.

See our range of 4K videos for yourself

See our range of 4K videos for yourself.

Learn more about our 4K range

Seeing is believing. Enjoy the thrill of 4K for yourself. Find out more about our new X9 Ultra HD TVs.


Four times Full HD quality, 4K is a new visual standard and Sony is the 4K industry leader.

The new Sony 4K TV

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