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Get to know 3D with our 3D FAQs

3D basics

What is 3D?

3D entertainment brings the excitement of the 3D cinema experience to the home. The 3D effect gives images more depth and realism meaning you can immerse yourself in sport, movies and PlayStation® games like never before.

Are all 3D technologies the same?

No. Different manufacturers use different technologies in their 3D TVs. These can involve a different set-up, for example without 3D glasses, and offer varying results in terms of picture quality. It is worth spending some time researching the benefits of each.

What is 3D from Sony?

3D technology from Sony is based on the High Frame Rate of a BRAVIA 3D TV sending pictures to specialist Active Shutter glasses. BRAVIA 3D TVs use high speed precision to display different TV pictures consecutively to the left and right eye of the Active Shutter 3D glasses. Each lens of the glasses is filled with liquid crystal which closes for a fragment of a second so that only one eye at a time sees the relevant Full HD picture.

What are the benefits of 3D from Sony?

The specialist 3D technology developed by Sony offers a number of benefits:
  • Full High Definition pictures with no ‘ghosting’ or ‘double-imaging’
  • Minimised flicker from lights, lamps or other light sources in the room
  • Excellent picture brightness so you can watch in all light conditions
  • Wide viewing angle so you can enjoy 3D TV from around the room
  • Comfortable, adjustable 3D glasses which are designed to keep light out

Can I try 3D before I buy?

Yes, ask in your local store. We also have a number of 3D demonstrations in stores throughout the country.

Can 3D pictures cause dizziness and nausea?

Just like any display, we recommend you don’t keep watching continually without a break. If you notice any side effects, it is best to stop and get advice.

3D home entertainment set up

What do I need to enjoy 3D TV, movies or games at home?

The basic set up you will need is:
  • a 3D TV (or a 3D Capable TV with added 3D transmitter accessory)
  • 3D glasses compatible with your 3D TV
With just this set up you’ll be able to watch 3D TV channels as they become available, view 3D photos and convert normal 2D TV pictures into 3D.

If you want to enjoy movies or games especially created for showing in 3D, you’ll also need a:
  • 3D Blu-ray Disc™ player or PlayStation®3 (if your device is 3D Ready it will be updated to full 3D capabilities via a firmware update)
  • High speed HDMI cable to connect your 3D devices

What do 3D Capable and 3D Ready mean?

3D Capable TV or 3D Ready Blu-ray Disc™ player or PlayStation®3 has the capability to be fully 3D in the future. With a 3D Capable TV you will need to add a 3D transmitter and 3D glasses to make it fully 3D capable. 3D Ready Blu-ray Disc™ players and PlayStation®3 models will be automatically upgraded to full 3D via firmware updates.

How do I use a 3D Sync Transmitter?

To upgrade a 3D Capable TV to a full 3D TV you’ll need a 3D Sync Transmitter accessory. This is best placed below or to the side of your TV, with a direct line of sight to wherever you’re sitting with your 3D glasses. The infrared signal from a 3D transmitter from Sony has a wide range. It means you can see 3D pictures from around the room and don’t have to sit directly in front of the screen for the best experience.

Do I need to wear 3D glasses?

Yes, but not the old style green and red glasses you may be used to. 3D TVs from Sony display Full HD 3D images using Active Shutter technology. Being able to watch Full HD 3D images without glasses is likely to take years to develop.

3D glasses

Can I use 3D cinema glasses with a 3D TV from Sony?

No, we use a different technology. Our Active Shutter technology delivers superior picture quality and a better overall experience for TVs than the polarising 3D technology developed for big screen cinemas.

Can I use cardboard glasses with red or blue lenses to watch my 3D TV?

No, you will need to use special Active Shutter glasses from Sony to watch your 3D TV. We have developed this technology as it delivers Full HD pictures, smooth 3D action and high brightness levels. It offers better picture quality and a more immersive 3D experience.

Why are 3D glasses from Sony different?

A. We have designed our 3D glasses to deliver the optimum 3D experience. They are specially designed to work with BRAVIA 3D TV technology which delivers 3D pictures in Full High Definition.

We have also designed the glasses for your comfort. They have flexible earpieces, adjustable side arms and are wrap-around to keep ambient light out. 3D glasses from Sony ensure you are fully immersed in a bright Full HD 3D picture, with no distractions of flickering from room lights or lamps.

Can I get special 3D glasses for my children?

Yes. We have smaller sized 3D glasses for children. They are available in a choice of colours too (pink and blue).

How long will the batteries last in 3D glasses?

3D glasses from Sony use CR2032 batteries, which have up to 100 hours of viewing time before they need to be replaced.

Can 3D glasses be used with a 3D TV from a different manufacturer?

No, not yet. No industry standard currently exists. Remember, there are different types of 3D TV technologies offering different benefits. 3D glasses from Sony have been designed to work with BRAVIA 3D TVs which deliver Full HD pictures, smooth 3D action and high brightness levels.

How many pairs of 3D glasses can I use with one 3D TV?

As many as you want, as long as they are in range of the 3D transmitter from your 3D TV.

How should the lenses and frame of 3D glasses be cleaned?

Clean 3D glasses like you would your spectacles or sunglasses. Use a normal alcohol based spectacle/sunglasses cleaner and a soft non-abrasive cloth. Don’t press or scrub too hard when cleaning.

3D entertainment

What entertainment is available in 3D?

There is an ever-growing amount of 3D entertainment becoming available. From watching Blu-ray 3D™ movies to playing 3D PlayStation®3 games, the entertainment possibilities are endless.

What is the future of 3D entertainment?

Sony Pictures Entertainment plans to release its latest movie titles and previous masterpieces on 3D Blu-ray Disc™. Sony is also driving the growth of 3D in sports such as football and golf through agreements with FIFA® and the PGA Tour. 3D programming from broadcasters such as Sky now offer 3D entertainment direct to your TV screen.

Can I watch normal 2D TV on a BRAVIA 3D TV?

Yes. You’ll get the same great Full HD 2D picture on a BRAVIA TV, including all the features and high picture quality which Sony is famous for. You’ll be able to watch regular TV via satellite, cable or terrestrial channels.

Can I watch everything I want in 3D on a BRAVIA 3D TV?

Yes, a BRAVIA 3D TV is capable of showing all types of 3D entertainment as well as upscaling or converting 2D TV content into 3D. To get the best possible experience, we recommend you play original 3D content that was specifically created with 3D in mind.

Can I play a 3D Blu-ray Disc™ on a non 3D Blu-ray Disc™ player?

Yes, obviously you won’t get the 3D effects, but they will playback just like a normal Blu-ray Disc™.

Can I get 3D entertainment via Sony internet tv?

Technically yes, we are looking at how we can distribute 3D entertainment direct to your TV over your existing home Internet connection.

Can a PlayStation®3 play 3D movies and games?

We are in the process of upgrading PlayStation®3 models to full 3D capabilities. The upgrade will happen via an automatic firmware update when your console is connected to the Internet. Check the PlayStation website for more details.

Can I get cable and satellite 3D services?

Yes both Virgin Media and Sky have announced they will be launching 3D services, which will be compatible with BRAVIA 3D TVs.

Can I create and watch my own 3D content?

Yes. Sony is releasing a range of 3D products which will allow you to capture memorable moments in 3D to watch at home. For example, take 3D photos with a new Cyber-shot™ or NEX-5/NEX-3 3D digital camera and you can easily show them to friends and family on your BRAVIA 3D TV.

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