Homestream: Your photos, music and movies in every room

Sharing content around the home just got much easier. New Homestream software from Sony now means that your great photo, killer track or memorable holiday video on your small screen computer is shared with your big screen in the lounge. Homestream is smart software that virtually indexes your media library giving easy access to anyone on your home network. This allows you to share your SD or HD videos, music or photos to internet enabled BRAVIA, Blu-Ray Players, Blu-Ray Home Theatre Kits, Netboxes & PlayStation 3 devices.

What is Homestream

Incredibly simple to setup, Homestream takes the guesswork out of file and format compatibility. Just tell Homestream where your media is stored on your hard disk and it will take care of the rest, allowing you to browse and access your favourite content from the comfort of your sofa.

Download for Windows

What can it do for me

Homestream will share your media from your main home computer with your internet enabled living room device. Now you don’t have to copy files onto USB or have them spread over multiple computers, they are all kept in one place for everyone to use, wherever they are in the house.

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What devices does it work with

Homestream works on PC, MAC and Linux computers, as long as your system is reasonably up to date. If you’ve bought a BRAVIA, Blu-ray Player or PlayStation 3 in the last few years, then chances are that its compatible.

How to set up Homestream

What formats and files does it work with

Just about any DRM free media file is supported, even if your device is a bit choosey about what it plays no problem. Homestream will automatically create a temporary file that works without actually altering the original file. So you can watch and listen to almost any file from the comfort of the sofa.

How to set up Homestream

Just watch and listen

Entertainment should be simple, all you want to do is press play, watch and listen. No frustrations, no file conversions, not even waiting for the files to copy. Your media, your choice, on any compatible device in your home, simple.

Download for Windows

How can I get it?

Download and install the software onto your computer making sure you choose either the PC or Mac version depending on your computer.

Download for Mac

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