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Brilliant work

The special carbon-fibre VAIO® Pro is super-light. It’s sleek, strong and fast—everything you need in a laptop built to go wherever business takes you.

Lightweight tough

At only 870 g, the VAIO® Pro 11 laptop is a very lightweight Ultrabook™. The VAIO® Pro 13 is just 940 g. Constructed of carbon fibre, the VAIO® Pro is 50% lighter than aluminium, making it the perfect mobile business machine.

On-the-go durability

The VAIO® Pro is engineered with unidirectional carbon fibre which enhances the structural backbone increasing stiffness for more impressive protection against daily wear.

On the go durability

Comfort in the details


Rest easy

The gapless palm rest and ergonomic hinge angle eliminate sharp edges under the wrist, becoming flush with your desktop for hours of comfortable typing.


Illuminated Type

The VAIO® Pro backlit keyboard highlights your keys, so that you can type in low-light conditions with comfort and ease.

  • Brilliant color
  • Sharp video
  • Great views
Get blazing

Get blazing speed and power for all things work and play with the Intel® Core i7 Processor. Specification varies by model.

Comes fully

Comes fully loaded with Windows 8 so you can customise your Start screen to get live updates at a glance and quickly get to your favourite sites, contacts and apps.

The touchscreen

The touchscreen is optimised for a fast and fluid way to tap between apps, your files and the web. Specification varies by model.

Effortless Style

App variety

Share from anywhere

PlayMemories is loaded with features that let you access and share photos and videos to your favourite sites, from any device. Edit and manage your content with ease, it’s automatically updated to the calendar so you can quickly search by day, month or year.

Sony Select

Sony Select

Get instant access to the latest collection of apps developed to make the most of your VAIO®.



Stay on top of the latest news, videos and social feeds in one place with this social news reader.



Just hit the assist button to automatically identify problems and perform maintenance.

Lightning quick

Completely unique to VAIO® Pro is a 4x PCIe SSD (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express Solid State Drive). This cutting-edge component makes your system boot-up faster, launch apps in a flash and enjoy overall high speed performance.

Lightning quick
Tap to share

Tap to share

NFC one-touch lets you instantly stream music from any VAIO® to your speakers at home or headphones without wires or cables. Simply touch to pair one device to the other for seamless transfer.

The VAIO Pro battery pack

Extra-long battery life

The optional sheet battery lasts 13+ hours to get you through the longest flights.

  • Available in 33.7 cm (13.3")

  • Enjoy vivid colour with TRILUMINOS Display for mobile

  • Ultra light-weight Carbon Fibre body

  • Great-sounding music in one step with ClearAudio+

  • NFC One-touch for simple Bluetooth pairing and sharing

Processor Name (GHz)
Up to Intel® Core™ i7
Operating System
Windows 8 Pro or other editions
Storage Capacity
Up to 512GB
Max. Memory
Up to 8GB
Screen Size
Available in 33.7 cm (13.3")
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