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VAIO® Fit multi-flip™ PC

The new standard

The new full-featured VAIO® Fit multi-flip™ PC has been reimagined from the inside out. Experience all the latest Sony technology in a forward-thinking hybrid that is equal parts laptop and tablet.

Picture of VAIO® Fit multi-flip™ PC

VAIO® Fit multi-flip™ PC

VAIO Fit 11A / 13A / 14A / 15A

Picture of VAIO® Fit multi-flip™ PC

33.7 cm (13.3")|35.5 cm (14")|39.5 cm (15.5")|

It all begins with one line

New multi-flip™ PC

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Full-featured inside and out

A comfortable full-sized keyboard, beautiful display that tilts to any angle and Windows 8 optimised touchscreen are combined with the speed and power on the inside that you expect from your laptop.

New work to play versatility

  • Brilliant color
  • Sharp video
  • Great views
  • High resolution

The stylus, evolved

The new digitiser stylus transforms sketching and writing into a true pen-like experience. Unlike styluses of the past, an ultra-fine tip, improved sensitivity, and built-in smart button functions make this one accurate, useful and intuitive.

See the Pen in action

The stylus, evolved

Shaping ideas fluidly

VAIO® Inspiration Stream™; brings your creativity to life through a powerful suite of applications and features that let you seamlessly capture, edit and share with endless possibilities.

  • Scan
  • Clip
  • Edit
  • Share
VAIO® Paper

VAIO® Paper

VAIO Paper gives you effortless options for note taking, converting handwriting to text, recording voice memos and sharing with other devices.

VAIO® Clip


Create compelling presentations with VAIO Clip: use the digitiser stylus to quickly select, copy and clip images, then drop them into new docs.


VAIO® Scan

Make whiteboard sessions more useful with VAIO® Scan, which allows you to quickly edit and share your scanned notes and docs.

Powered up

  • Hybrid Hard Drive
  • NVIDIA® Graphics
  • ClearAudio+ mode

Tap to share

NFC one-touch lets you instantly stream music from any VAIO® to your speakers at home or headphones without wires or cables. Simply touch to pair one device to the other for seamless transfer.

Play on

Get blazing speed and power for all things work and play with the Intel® Core™ i7 Processor.


It comes fully loaded with Windows 8 and the new start screen that gets you instant access to your most important contacts and apps.


The touchscreen gives you the flexibility to tap and scroll through docs, apps and sites.

Find the perfect Fit

Find the features and colour options you’re looking for in the smaller, lightweight model, or the larger standard notebooks.

  • Responsive touch screen options

  • Snap, edit and share with VAIO Inspiration Stream 33.7 cm (13.3"), 35.5 cm (14"), 39.5 cm (15.5")

  • Enjoy vivid colour with TRILUMINOS Display for mobile

  • Multi-flip design for customizable display angle

  • Compatible with the precise new Digitizer Stylus

Processor Name (GHz)
Up to Intel® Core™ i7
Operating System
Windows 8 Pro or other editions
Storage Capacity
Up to 1 TB
Max. Memory
Up to 16 GB
Screen Size
Available in 33.7 cm (13.3"), 35.5 cm (14"), 39.5 cm (15.5")
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